Superior Summer Wednesday – Jun 21

Snapshot: On Wednesday morning we get the official start of Summer/Winter, depending on your Hemisphere. AND we can set new family goals with conscious clarity.

At 12:25am the Sun ingresses Cancer creating the new season of Summer/Winter.

If you have grown up in the Northern Hemisphere, Summer is the season of family gatherings, nurturing, land purchases, US Independence Day (which is a Cancer country), etc. If you have grown up in the Southern Hemisphere, your Summer is ruled by Capricorn meaning that you build structures, plan your career moves, etc. And your Winter is when you focus on family more.

Either location, however, is now in the season of ‘mom, home, family, land.’ We are nurturing these areas of our lives as well as the areas of our lives where Cancer falls in our Natal Charts.

At 10:14am Mercury Conjuncts the Sun at 0:24 Cancer.

Mercury ingressed Cancer at 6:00am and our thoughts shifted from community and transportation to family and land. The entire day is one of clarity around community (Gemini) and family (Cancer) as Mercury and Sun are within a 1 degree orb. It is interesting that they are merging 2 Sign energies at the time they are Conjunct. It will help us to put those Sign energies together in our plans and goals to move forward. What gets said today is the closest to the ‘truth’ of things as we can get in our physical world. We are finishing a cycle of ‘goals’ seeded at the Inferior Conjunction on Apr 20 at 0+ degrees of Taurus.

But the Summer Solstice Chart is said to affect for throughout the 90-day season. And it is interesting to look at what is preceding this chart and the various configurations occurring right now.

Just prior to his Conjunction with the Sun, Mercury moved through a rolling T-Square with Saturn and Chiron, following the Sun’s footsteps. We could get very clear on the ‘crisis of faith’, disappointment and difficulty of the 2 Heartbreak passes: Dec 28 and Apr 30. The final Saturn/Chiron Square will be on Nov 2, at 24+ degrees of Sagittarius/Pisces respectively. The Solstice chart has this energy, though not tight between Saturn and Chiron, allowing us to SEE how Karma plays into eventual heartbreak scenarios.

As well Mercury aspected Uranus on the heels of Squaring Chiron bringing in further ‘Soul Awareness’ to get us through the final Square’s wrap-up lesson and healing. Uranus is Trine to Saturn and Sextile to Mercury allowing for some ease and awareness to pour through. The Nodes of Fate are within the same degree range of Uranus, Mercury, Saturn and Chiron bringing in a Grand Fire Trine and Kite (South Node creates a Kite throwing the energy into the Nodes of Fate in Leo). There is much going on with Saturn, Uranus and the Nodes of Fate that is easy and settling where Saturn’s Square (now out of orb a bit) with Chiron can be quite hard.

But the other Planets and 5D Dwarf Planets are all at 11-15 degrees of their respective Signs: Venus at 15 Taurus, Mars at 11 Cancer, Eros at 13 Leo, Psyche at 12 Virgo, Jupiter at 13 Libra, Sapphos at 15 Scorpio, Black Moon Lillith at 14 Sagittarius, Juno at 13 Capricorn and Neptune at 14 Pisces.

There is a LOT of 5D energies at play here! All of the Asteroids activate potential 5D awareness in various areas of thought and reality. With Neptune and Jupiter both in the mix, we have Higher Mind energies, too. Venus and Mars make it Personal so you can bring the awareness into your desires and motivations. See how you are feeling in these areas to better understand these Asteroids as they Transit.

For instance, Psyche, BML and Neptune are forming a Grand Mutable Cross with my Natal Psyche in Gemini in my 8th House by Sun Sign and 12th House by Rising Sign. I felt like I was having an out-of-body experience traveling down to NC to vacation with family. It was like the physical did not exist on the road at all. Erika called me and said she felt ‘numb.’ BML is Conjunct her Psyche which Opposes my Psyche.

But these Planets make a few Fingers of God as well:

  1. Jupiter and BML point a Finger into Venus in Taurus. Here we have big picture relating causing us to adjust our personal desires to acquire people, places and things.
  2. Venus and Neptune point a Finger back into Jupiter. This is helping us adjust our subconscious desires to a better approach at relating.
  3. Juno and Neptune point a Finger back into Eros in Leo. Serious connections need to keep fun and romance in the picture. While social status is important, we need to keep a romantic side to things.
  4. Eros and Jupiter point a Finger back into Neptune. Our romantic relating needs to adjust to any subconscious issues there.

As you can see, there is soooo many Fingers being pointed that the overall affect is to rise above any issues and find ways to be clear about relating, our desires and our overall 5D perspective of things.


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