snapshot: Tuesday and Wednesday Bridget g us some emotional expressions and an adjustment to our desires.


at 2:21pm on Tuesday Mercury at 13:42 Cancer Squares Jupiter at 113:42 Libra.


Too much could get said that is emotionAlly charged as you seek to relate but also self-protect.


At 8:22pm Mercury at 14:14 Cancer Trines Neptune Rx at 14:14 Pisces.


Any overfishing speech from earlier can be managed here as Neptune assists Mercury with his vast knowing energies.


At 3:50pm on Wednesday Mercury at 15:55 Cancer Conjuncts Mars at 15:55 Cancer.


Forceful, nurturing and security conscious actions and words to follow. Both Planets are in orb of an Opposition to Pluto so there is intensity as well.


At 9:07pm Venus at 23:31 Taurus Quincunx Saturn Rx at 23:31 Sagittarius.



Our personal desires need to be adjusted to our philosophical structures and practices.

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