3-Way of Intense Words & Actions-Jun29-Jul1

Snapshot: Thursday brings us intense expressions. Friday holds some Soulful analysis of our desires as Chiron pulls into his Retrograde Station. Saturday there is magic that leads into some irritation and adjustment.

At 8:37pm on Thursday Mercury at 18:22 Cancer Opposes Pluto Rx at 18:22 Capricorn.

Mercury was just Conjunct Mars on Wednesday afternoon and so a 3-way energy is ensuing here. I have just walked into the 1st half of it. A Scorpio friend with Libra Venus just left me out of a dinner invite because she feels there may be some ‘tension’ between me and on of the women who ‘invited herself.’ Hmm… I could sense this building just yesterday when I talked to her and she was guarded. As I have mostly Pluto energy in my chart, I have very little time for Libra’s ‘everything needs to look good on the surface’ desires. So, with some hard-hitting directness, Scorpio Mercury style, I got her to discuss her concerns. Of course she didn’t first admit to her fears playing in role in my not being invited. But I got that out in the open. That is Pluto! He will leave no stone un-turned. Still if it was just glossed over, any misdirection of energy would have created a possible war (aka Mars and Pluto which will exact their Opposition on Sunday morning). Can I head it off? Can YOU? This is the first clue as to what is coming to a head. Pluto is intensity. Mercury is expression and Mercury in Cancer is self-protected speech. Pluto will use his power to bring out the skeletons.

Now, I don’t intend to be angry with her. But we can’t go on as ‘friends’ with it just looking that way on the surface. Pluto wants to discover the motives of others and why they behave as they do. When you know why, you don’t judge them or get angry, you simply tuck that info away in a safe place. That’s what you need to do with this 1st aspect.

And prepare yourself to not ACT out on it by Sunday. I’m thinking of just staying out of the fray;)

At 12:07pm on Friday Venus at 25:18 Taurus Squares the North Node at 25:18 Leo.

Here we have some Soulful balancing to do around our current desires and our resources. Do we use our beauty to fit in with the group or to stand out from the crowd? Should we put our resources to work to save the world or to have more fun and romance? Do we value the social network or creativity? Chances are good you will move towards the Leo end of the spectrum, but it may be a surprise to you to do so.

At 3:09am on Saturday Chiron at 28:52 Pisces Stations Retrograde.

Here we will begin to review our ‘crisis of faith’ that was part of the Heartbreak Transits between Saturn and Chiron that exacted on Dec 28, 2016 and Apr 30, 2017. Are we going to find some gratitude for the way we went through? Can we see how it was just an illusion to show us something? Its all part of the human experience.

At 8:42am Venus at 26:12 Taurus Quintiles Neptune Rx at 14:12 Pisces.

With both Planets in their own Signs, they are operating in their truest natures. So we can make great strides in understanding how Venus and Neptune interact. When our desires seem effortless, that is the 5D nature of the Quintile. When these 2 Planets form 3D aspects there is always a struggle to let go of fears around touch and desires. Today, with Venus set on her North Node path, there will be an ease in the implementation.

At 2:30pm the Sun at 10:06 Cancer Quintiles Uranus at 28:06 Aries.

Here we have some effortless clarity on changes we need to make. Or we can see how to implement these changes and it can all happen so easily. If you don’t make the change NOW, you will SEE what is coming up ahead. Perhaps as Uranus returns to this degree and minute once he is Retrograde near the end of July.

At 7:10pm the Sun at 10:17 Cancer Semi-Squares the North Node at 25:17 Leo.

Here we have some clarity on ways to have more fun from our Soul’s perspective. Family may have given us traditions that don’t serve the North Node in Leo. It is okay to be creative and expressive. Don’t let your family squash your creativity today.

By Saturday evening, Mars will be approaching his exact Opposition to Pluto. Don’t let the earlier words turn into a brawl! Try to rein in your actions;) Watch for aggression.

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