Soulful Motivations to Nurture – Jul 11

Snapshot: On Tuesday night our motivations will get a Soul-Level check.

At 7:36pm Mars at 24:29 Cancer Semi-Sextiles the North Node at 24:29 Leo.

This is a minor aspect, but one that can help. As Mars is 30 degrees from the North Node, he is 150 degrees from the South Node requiring an adjustment be made here. What is the adjustment? Well, the South Node in Aquarius is bringing an ease around the social network that can be a drain. How could this affect Mar’s motivation to nurture the family? If you have ever seen someone be addicted to staying ‘plugged-in’ to their friends and posting to social media like an addict, there is a very real concern that they are ignoring those closest to them… often (or usually) family. Mars is working productively with the North Node in Leo. This means he can be motivated to entertain the family and children more than he is the social network. And there is often plenty of room to adjust ourselves here.

So take your hands of your phone and put them around your family or others that you nurture.

It is also about home and creativity vs. group think. Doing our ‘own thing’ will bring us the most satisfaction right now as the North Node Transits through Leo. Don’t be worried about leaving some ‘posts’ and ‘snaps’ unattended. It may be time to do just that.

About July 20th Mars will ingress Leo and our motivations will begin to express what the North Node wants us to see… how to be Soulful to our entertainment, romance, creativity and children. We will want to ‘role-play’ a bit more or be more comedic.

Comedians are those who take their human pain (Chiron) and learn ways to make fun of themselves and their pain through laughter. Leo is where we can do this. Its a great opportunity to release some of our Heartbreak Transit by seeing the humor in it. Turn your Aquarius (South Node right now) self-awareness into laughter (Leo) that takes the sting out of our  ego (Leo).

Time to be creative from a Soul perspective. The Soul can laugh at ALL (yes, ALL) this human pain as it CHOSE to experience it;)

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