Ease Between the Sexes – Jul 19/20

Snapshot: Tuesday afternoon brings a wonderful ease between our relating and our communication. Evening brings a subconscious adjustment that results in ease of passionate action.

At 4:09pm (EST) on Tuesday Venus at 15:24 Gemini Trines Jupiter at 15:24 Libra.

Perfect afternoon for all types of communicating and relating. You may find you know just how to talk to seniors, foreigners, and people at a great distance from you. It will feel as though you can reach out and touch just through your words. Its a very fortunate aspect for finances as well. You will feel as though you have plenty and find yourself offering ways of expressing your abundance philosophy. And our feminine side is in harmony for relating with most anyone.

At 6:51pm Mars at 28:59 Cancer Ses-Squares Neptune Rx at 13:59 Pisces.

If we adjust our actions to some subconscious feeling, we can create an ease with family and those in our hometown. If you are suddenly afraid to act, see what is tripping you up and you can work through it taking the action that you really wanted to. Mars is fresh off his Square to Uranus so if you heeded the awareness to slow down, then you can now use the awareness to assist you with the necessary adjustment that will lead to ease. Here our masculine side adjusts to create an ease.

This is Mars’ last aspect in Cancer. He will ingress Leo on Thursday morning bringing in a change to our motivations. Fun and romance will be the actions we begin to pursue. Summer may feel like it is finally starting.

In the background there is another energy that seems to be increasing some miscommunication. Mercury is getting quite far from the Sun as he is at 21+ degrees of Leo on Tuesday and the Sun is at 26+ degrees of Cancer then. That is a wide spread between our ideas and our reality. Mercury won’t reach his Shadow until Monday, Jul 24. By then his distance from the Sun will still be gaining.

What his distance means is that Mercury is off getting carried away with his own vanity believing he has everything under control and things are going just as planned. And then comes Murphy’s Law: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

Hold loosely to those plans and keep your eye on the Higher Mind Planetary aspects. Mercury will make some of these aspects between now and next Monday. Use that insight to keep yourself from being tripped up down the road.

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