New Moon & Mercury Sees His Shadow – Jul 23

Snapshot: Before noon (EST) on Saturday, the Sun ingressed Leo and our goals shift to having more fun and romance. The Moon will join the Sun in Leo just an hour before the New Moon at 0:44 Leo. Mercury enters his Shadow and meets with Uranus and Chiron on the degree of the Solar Eclipse of Aug 21st.

At 5:45am on Sunday the Moon at 0:44 Leo Conjuncts the Sun at 0:44 Leo creating the New Moon.

As the Sun ingressed Leo on Saturday, our reality was geared to create more fun, romance and creativity. We will be looking to be the star of the show, the center of attention. But in loving ways as good Leo energy is very loving towards others. As the Moon Conjuncts the Sun our goals and our feelings are aligned. Our public life (Sun) and our private life (Moon) are in sync and showing us new goals and directions.

The Sun and Moon leave behind the Sign the Moon rules, Cancer, and enter the Sign the Sun rules, Leo. These are very different energies. Cancer Initiates Emotion and Leo is Fixed Fire. The Sun and Moon now join Mars and Mercury in Leo. This puts 4 of our 5 Personal Planets in the Sign of fun and entertainment. It is finally REALLY Summer;) We’ll be leaving our family reunions in search of ways to shine our light on others.

This New Moon is one ‘Solar month’ (as opposed to Gregorian) month, from the Solar Eclipse on Aug 21. It initiates the Eclipse wormhole that begins now. The 1st Eclipse is a Full Moon Eclipse that occurs on Aug 7.  We are now in the window of ‘Rapid Change.’ Thank goodness! Part of the lingering effects of the Heartbreak Transit over the last 4-6 weeks has been the fact that NOTHING has really changed and we have been languishing in the heavier energies of that aspect.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Aug 7 occurs with Moon at 15:25 Aquarius and Sun at 15:25 Leo. This is a ‘shutting down’ Eclipse that closes the door on some area of your life where you have this axis in your chart so that a new door can open again at the New Moon Solar Eclipse on Aug 21 which has the Sun and Moon Conjunct at 28:53 Leo. The Eclipse Wormhole will end at the Full Moon in Pisces set for early Sep.

As the New Moon on Sunday occurs in Leo, along with both Eclipses, there is strong Leo energy already building to take us through the entire wormhole and cycle.

Both Eclipses aspect Uranus who will Station Retrograde on Aug 3rd at 28: 32 Aries.

The Lunar Eclipse Trideciles Uranus. A Tridecile is 1.5 Quintiles, or 3 Deciles (36 degrees). The energy is that of mental growth or unfoldment. Whatever is shutting down, you will be able to see your path to personal freedom very clearly. The path will unfold before you.

For the Solar Eclipse, Uranus is exactly Trine (on the same degree) the Sun and Moon. We will easily be able to make the changes necessary to bring more fun, romance and creativity into our lives over the next 6 months+.

So this New Moon today ushers in the 6 week timeframe of ‘Rapid Change’ promised by the Eclipse cycle. It is a wormhole, of sorts, that will land us into a new situation with all of us moving around at the same time.

Eclipse cycles, especially in this order with the Lunar Eclipse preceding the Solar Eclipse, is where the idea of ‘2-weeks-notice’ comes from. With Uranus’ help, you will give your notice seeing pretty clearly where you are going at the same time. When the Solar Eclipse hits, you will be starting that ‘new job’ if the Eclipses hit your 6th/12th House or often times Money Houses (2nd/8th axis).

You may find yourself leaving a ‘job’ in order to pursue a creative venture, or to take off traveling the world with Saturn creating a loose Grand Fire Trine with the North Node and Uranus.

While the aspects to Uranus will be very helpful, Mercury forms the ‘bookends’ of the Eclipse Wormhole cycle. In less than 24 hours after the New Moon, Mercury reaches 28:00 Leo (at 2:45am on Monday). He will be ON the degree of the Solar Eclipse, but not yet in his Shadow.

At 10:54am on Monday Venus at 21:58 Gemini Opposes Saturn Rx at 21:58 Sagittarius.

Here we are contrasting our desires to communicate with our restricted optimism and our new global philosophy. Venus and Saturn in a hard aspect restrict our beauty, our attraction and our desires for the moment. There is something we need to see in this contrast. Do our words mean anything… really? Should the way we conduct ourselves according to our philosophies speak of our REAL desires?

At 11:53am Mercury at 28:26 Leo enters Phase 1, Shadow Phase of his upcoming Retrograde cycle. From this point forward, his words and ideas will be changed! He is going to play a role in showing us the ‘Rapid Change’ of the Eclipse, but if you follow Mercury’s lead rather than Uranus’, you will be turned inside out with the folly of his Retrograde affecting the fast change of the Eclipses. So heed your Higher Mind energies, please;) Even though Uranus will be Stationing Retrograde here very soon.

At 12:33pm Mercury at 28:29 Leo Trines Uranus at 28:29 Aries.

With Mercury just inside his Shadow, and both he and Uranus still Direct, there is going to be some awareness around the Eclipse cycle. However, what parts of it will be changed here shortly? That is for you to seek out. Watch what you hear or say near this time, as it is what is IN FLUX throughout the Eclipse cycle.

At 2:20pm Mercury at 28:38 Leo Quincunx Chiron Rx at 28:38 Pisces.

Adjusting to Soul Awareness here will show you some of Chiron’s role in the Eclipse cycle/wormhole. You will want to express yourself AFTER you have adjusted yourself to accept what the Heartbreak Transit has brought you through. The Solar Eclipse will want to erase the pain from your memory so that you can move into more FUN, romance and creativity. To have children without the fear of losing them. To seek the starring role in your life rather than shy away from it because you remember the pain of the last year.

And so have one the most interesting days of the year, I think. Mercury can not act in his usual 3D style because he is aspecting Uranus and Chiron throughout the day. He must search deep within himself, let the pain go and find a way to have more fun. But keep in mind he will be reversing himself in some way over the next 6 weeks… EXACTLY the length of the Eclipse Wormhole!


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