Best Date-Night of the Year? Perhaps! – Jul 26/27

Snapshot: Tuesday night our words change from romance and fun to work and service. Wednesday our desires get Soulful and we have clarity around our romantic motivations. Early Thursday we have magical relating-ship clarity.

At 7:45pm on Tuesday Mercury ingresses Virgo.

Already in his Shadow, Mercury’s tone and purpose of thought and plans will change from having fun, being creative and taking center stage to analyzing things and being of service. He can also help you organize your day and decide to join a gym or other fitness routine.

At 11:28am on Wednesday Venus at 24:17 Gemini Sextiles the North Node at 24:17 Virgo.

As we communicate our desires, we are more Soulful about it. If you are writing poetry, it would be rather fitting as you can see your desires through the lens of other lifetimes. This can bring depth of expression.

At 8:58pm the Sun at 4:13 Leo Conjuncts Mars at 4:13 Leo.

This aspect is actually part of a magical 4-way aspect between the Sun, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter. It will play out over the next 6 hours. Enjoy! But note, there is a bit of irritation in our words as Mercury Semi-Squares Jupiter at the same time. This could be the best date-night of the year if you can forget any irritating words from Mercury.

If in the last week you have noticed you are more motivated for fun and romance, Mars has brought that energy. As the Sun Conjuncts Mars, we will be able to SEE why we are motivated and the purpose for our recent actions. The Sun rules Leo so you may also feel more comfortable in the limelight and act on the humor you can see in some situations. With Jupiter aspecting both of them, you can expect to want to relate and have fun with close friends.

At 1:10am on Wednesday the Sun at 4:23 Leo Quintiles Jupiter at 16:23 Libra.

When the Sun is Conjunct Jupiter, most Astrologers consider this to be the most fortunate day of the year. But they are in a magical aspect today and that should make it even better. Now 5D aspects are far more subtle than 3D so if you are under other harder/3D aspects, it can be hard to feel the potential of this magic. Mercury will be challenging it all day on Wednesday.

But the Sun Quintile Jupiter can bring clarity around romantic ways to create the enhance our relating-ships. While Leo can be all about the moment of fun and romance, this aspect can give it a more enduring feel.

At 1:26am Mercury at 1:23 Virgo Semi-Squares Jupiter at 16:23 Libra.

Mercury in Virgo is ever the knit-picker. He wants to keep track of things and make sure its all perfect. The Semi-Square can mean that his words spoken now will not really jive with the clarity and actions you are magically taking. Just to your best to let your actions speak louder than your words. If your words are stilted, simply act out some juxtaposition to Mercury’s drab mood.

At 3:43am Mars at 4:23 Leo Quintiles Jupiter at 16:23 Libra.

Now our actions will speak volumes about our romantic, relating ideals. Mars will have to act to smooth over any irritation created by Mercury, but he is more than ready to do so and will act on it without any forethought.

It can be easy to remember words while ignoring actions and forgetting them in the midst of all of it. Do your best tonight to put the focus where it SHOULD BE… on your actions to relate and romance your partner more effectively. Mars will create fun that can negate any angst over Mercury’s 3D response.

The rest of Thursday is quiet as Mars is still in orb of a 5D/magical aspect to Jupiter.

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