Lunar Eclipse at 15+ Aquarius – Aug 7

Beginning at 8:16am on Sunday morning we will begin to feel the pull of the Moon as it ingresses Aquarius and applies to Oppose the Sun. This Opposition, which would normally be just a Full Moon, is a Lunar Eclipse as the Earth will block the Sun’s light and keep it from reaching the Moon. The Moon will disappear from view allowing us to get a handle on our emotions.

At 2:10pm on Monday, Aug 7, the Moon at 15:25 Aquarius Opposes the Sun at 15:25 Leo.

A Lunar Eclipse is an ’emotional reset’ button that allows us to leave behind some chapter of our lives as shown by the Sign and Houses that the Eclipse occurs in our Natal Chart. A Lunar Eclipse with the Moon in Aquarius and Sun in Leo has us looking at our feelings around group activities vs. marching to our own beat, the social network vs. our children, creativity and entertainment. Where have you been spending your time? Online with all your ‘friends’ and acquaintances or with the few people closest to you? Have you been more romantic? How do you feel about that? Have you been more unusual or more artistic? How are you balancing your social obligations with your sense of fun?

These are all the types of things you may question as the energies are causing you to choose a side to develop over the next 6 months. With the North Node in Leo, you are likely going to choose more personal fun with your closest inner circle rather than small talk with your social network. And Mars in Leo is adding more emphasis here as well.

There is also a Boomerang Finger of God in this Eclipse that might prove decisive for more social networking and changed feelings or more awareness of feelings.

Pluto Rx at 17:28 Quincunx the Sun. The Sun is just separating a Quincunx to Neptune Rx that exacted on Saturday afternoon. This creates the Sun as the nozzle for their energies, but with the Moon Opposite the Sun, the energy boomerangs back into the Moon. The overall effect is that we have a subconscious adjustment around power and sexuality that is moving us into the detached emotion of an Aquarius Moon. Pluto and Neptune are within a 2 degree orb of the Sun and Moon so it may not be as strong. 90 minutes or one-degree orb is the strongest.

Regardless, this can shift the energy of the Lunar Eclipse in unexpected ways which is authentic Aquarian energy.

The Sun makes a Novile aspect to Transiting Psyche that will be very subtle. This is a Soulful testing energy that is more focused when aspecting a Natal Planet. Psyche is at 25:51 Virgo which has us looking at roommate, health and co-worker issues. Its testing the Sun to keep our goals around having more fun and romance.

Black Moon Lillith by the time of this Eclipse will be within a 2 degree orb of Saturn Rx. It is going to be interesting to see what interpersonal skills you can acquire as the energies of our 2 interpersonal Planets, Jupiter (via Sagittarius) and Saturn, are merged in a 5D way. BML IS a 5D point so watch to see how your new spiritual philosophy gets a 5D boost.

If there is an old relationship you are hoping to ‘get over’, the Lunar Eclipse usually accomplishes this precisely. If you need to close a chapter of your life with children, romance and creativity, or take it to a new level, this Eclipse is the precursor to the Solar Eclipse that will launch the super-charged ‘Fresh Start.’

Watch how your feelings get affected by the Eclipse down to the minute!


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