Black Moon Lillith Conjunct Saturn

At the time of the Lunar Eclipse (Aug 7), Black Moon Lillith (BML) at 19:29 Sagittarius, moved to within a 2-degree orb of Saturn Rx at 21:29 Sagittarius. By the Solar Eclipse of Aug 21, BML will be just 6 minutes from exact to Saturn. There is something important going on here! Its a bit like the Rebellious Woman meets the Pastor.

BML is a point measured between the Sun and Moon’s Transits where there is a dark side involved where Lillith hides. In Jewish heritage, Lillith was the 1st wife God gave to Adam. But Lillith refused to submit to him so Adam asked God for a 2nd woman and he took Adam’s rib and formed Eve. BML is a 5D energy where we really don’t NEED an ‘other’ as I write about 5D relating-ships.

Saturn is the energy of the Father and in Sagittarius, the spiritual father or Pastor. Imagine Lillith meeting the Pastor and you have a very, new interesting archetypical possibility shaping up here!

But here is how the aspect will exact and what we might expect.

As Saturn is Retrograde, they will begin to tighten this Conjunction to a 90 minute orb by Thursday. We should begin to feel the effects of this Conjunction this week. What can we expect?

Well, we are usually more familiar with Saturn’s energy in Sagittarius as he has been Transiting here since late 2014, though he did Rx back into Scorpio in early 2015. Saturn in Sagittarius has been holding us accountable to our spiritual philosophy and/or global perspective. As he has Transited Sagittarius, Saturn Squared Neptune in Pisces bringing us the Karmic Squares of 2015, where we experienced 3D separation consciousness and met Karmic Soulmates. On the heels of these Squares, Saturn began Squaring Chiron in Pisces bringing us through Heartbreak and a ‘Crisis of Faith’ that has defined the 1st half of 2017. We have one Square left to integrate the heartbreak into our new spiritual philosophy.

BML in Sagittarius has been allowing us to SEE the big picture so that we can more easily arrive at a global perspective and new spiritual philosophy. BML is in my 9th House (ruled by Jupiter/Sagittarius) and my Superhero Power is to SEE the really big cosmological picture. With Saturn in Sagittarius, I created my 5D Astrology, The Theory of Everything YouTube Channel. Though much of the credit is due to Transiting Uranus Biquintile my North Node both in 11th House Transit/placement respectively.

But to have BML and Saturn, ruler of our Karma, social status and career, Conjunct BML in Sagittarius, helping us to see the big picture, I believe many of us will be able to SEE into our lifetimes and see ourselves and others from a Soul perspective. BML is a 5th Dimensional energy and allows us to view things from this perspective. Saturn is typically a 3D energy and allows us to view things in separation consciousness for the sake of the experience.

However, at the end of the Mayan Calendar, aka Dec 21, 2012, I was writing about Saturn’s new 5D energies that were to teach us deep intimacy. In 3D, Saturn is the Planet that would have us restrict intimacy with a Soulmate in order to have the 3D experience. But in 5D, we don’t need that experience. Saturn’s new energies should emerge for us all over the next few months.

It is a great chance to move beyond all 3D stuff. Though there is no judgment if you CHOOSE the 3D. You can have the experience you are feeling. Higher consciousness (which is Sagittarian energy) can allow you to choose more wisely.

Incidentally, Saturn’s next aspect to Neptune will be a Quintile which will occur around Christmas time this year on the heels of the last Saturn Chiron Square (Nov 2).

After a Heartbreak or Chiron Transit, there is always a Soulful silver lining. So this Christmas and New Years should be VERY MAGICAL. Use the BML/Saturn Conjunction to SEE all of the 5D your mind’s eye can absorb. It will serve you well.

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