Irritating Actions & Awareness – Aug 10/11

Snapshot: The irritation between yourself and others will exact on Friday and we should leave it with some awareness. Thursday has communication, subconscious actions and clarity around our relating-ships and fun.

At 5:03am on Thursday Mercury at 11:20 Virgo Sextiled Venus at 11:20 Cancer.

Here we have some words that may well get revised by early next week as Mercury is on the degree of his impending Rx Station set for 9:01pm on Saturday night (EST). But the words were nurturing or of service.

At 9:31am Mars at 13:32 Leo Quincunx Neptune Rx at 13:32 Pisces.

Here our motivations get adjusted to better align with our subconscious. If you can release any fear around having too much fun, it will be easier to seek the fun you are motivated to pursue.

At 5:24pm the Sun at 18:26 Leo Sextiles Jupiter at 18:26 Libra.

Here we have some clarity around our romantic goals and how to relate them to a partner or close friend.

At 5:49pm on Friday Uranus Rx at 28:30 Aries Semi-Squares Neptune Rx at 13:30 Pisces.

Here we have 2 Higher Mind Planets in an irritating aspect. Any Taurus Sun or many Taurus Risings can tell you how irritating it can be from time to time having Uranus Transiting through their 12th House. Uranus in Aries means the irritation can easily turn up as anger, aggression or some action we take unexpectedly. The source of the actions/anger/aggression can come from someplace we don’t even know why.

We have likely been feeling this aspect for the last few days as these 2 apply to the exact on Friday. There should be some awareness, but it could easily get lost in the consequences of our unexpected/surprising/bizarre actions. Go for the awareness.

Uranus at 28+ degrees of Aries is in Trine to the degree of the Solar Eclipse. See if there is an upcoming connection to the ‘fresh start’ you may be sensing in the area of your chart/life where you have 28+ Leo.

There is a bit of healing on the heels of this if it occurs in the right place in your chart.

At 1:17am on Saturday Venus at 13:29 Cancer Trines Neptune Rx at 13:29 Pisces.

Here some woman, someone’s touch, of your own self-worth could easily have you letting go of any drama as you seek to nurture others and yourself.

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