American Spring? & Mercury Rx – Aug 12

On Saturday at a few parties on the river, a lot of information came flying through. Mercury is very far ahead of the Sun as he pulls into his Rx Station Saturday night at 9:01pm EST.

Mercury is providing us the ‘bookends’ of the Solar Eclipse’s ‘fresh start.’ As this is a Total Eclipse over the US we can expect some BIG changes to occur here.

Between parties I received a phone call (Mercury) about some rioting in Charlottesville, VA between 2 polarized groups. The Eclipse, at 28+ degrees Leo will Oppose my Natal Chiron in my 10th House of ‘authority and career’. The ‘rioting’ is part of a pattern of deception that has been revealing itself around authority.

The Total Eclipse over the Middle East and Egypt brought the ‘Arab Spring’ of unrest beginning in 2011. Could this be the beginning of unrest across the US?

Mercury rules ‘news’ and all of that ‘vanity’ of the 3D mind. So as he was pulling into his Rx Station, these headlines captured our attention. Whether we were looking for it or not. Mercury is Transiting in the US’s 3rd House of communication and headlines by Sun Sign. Now Mercury will retrace his steps and we will begin to see more of the truth of what is happening. Mercury was in his Retrograde cycle, hours from Stationing Direct during the Presidential Election of 2000 which brought us the drama of the ‘hanging chad’ as votes were recounted.

Mercury IS the devil in the details of the 3D mind. We were inundated with all of the ways the votes could be ‘questioned.’ If you follow your Mercury mind, you will be totally twisted around throughout the next year or more as the ‘details’ of this Saturday grows into something totally unrecognizable and ludicrous.

But if we stay in our Higher Minds, we can see the patterns that are bringing us into the new reality, the Vast Transformational Charge pioneered by the Higher Mind placements of the early 20-somethings (22-26 have the tightest orb and will be impacted over the next year.

Let’s look at Outer Planetary alignments for more clues:

  1. During the Karmic Squares of 2015, Saturn was Transiting over the degrees where Pluto was Transiting around 9/11/2001. Saturn was Opposite his Transiting degrees during 9/11 as he and Pluto brought us through 9/11 across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis. Pluto in Sign of foreigners (Sagittarius) was bringing Karmic fear to the small town (Gemini).
  2. The Heartbreak Transits of 2016/17 has brought us further challenge around our global philosophy and acceptance of a global family. But Opposite Gemini we are experiencing ‘depression’ locally. Restlessness is a result of depression.
  3. Saturn and BML Conjunct in Sagittarius is further challenging our local beliefs and sense of ‘who is telling the truth.’ BML across this axis is the ‘Mentalist’ (Gemini) and the ‘Global Philosopher’ (Sagittarius). Can we find a philosophy to pull us out of our own depression and despair?
  4. Pluto in Capricorn has been awakening the need for Vast, Transformational Change in the early 20-somethings, or the ‘Transformers’ as I like to call them. He will begin early next year to Conjunct the tightest Conjunction of this age-group where they have Uranus and Neptune Conjunct in Capricorn. Pluto is halfway through his Transit of Capricorn and we should be on the rebuilding stage of his wrecking ball. Pluto has been destroying the Baby-Boomer ideal of ‘marry one for life’ from their Neptune in Libra.
  5. Solar Eclipse of Mar 8, 2016 kicked in the Vast, Transformational Change into high gear as Pluto sat ready to Conjunct the tightest orb of their Uranus/Neptune Conjunction.
  6. Between this Eclipse cycle and the Spring Eclipse cycle, there will be plenty of changes going on for the US. The Transformers globally will begin to act on their ideals for a global, collective government.

Whatever the ‘unrest’ that comes from this ‘rioting’ in VA as we near the Total Solar Eclipse over the US, it will usher in the new reality of the Transformers.

You can see more about this Vast, Transformational Change on my YouTube Channel:

Vast, Transformational Change, Part 1

Vast Transformational Change, Part 2



10 thoughts on “American Spring? & Mercury Rx – Aug 12

  1. Thank you so much for the reference to your You Tube Channel, “Transformational Change”, Beth! It not only helped me to understand my Grandsons’ behavior and seeming total disinterest in supporting themselves, but also their impact on my natal Capricorn Mars in my 2nd House. Very enlightening, indeed! Also, I thoroughly enjoy your 5D Astrology Blog! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! From my HEART to your HEART in Love. πŸ’žxxx Betty

    1. Betty, thank you for writing and you’re very welcome! I know what a difference awareness makes😊. Please send me your birthday, time and city so I can see more about you. I did my whole YouTube channel and theory of everything in 6 weeks as Uranus biquintile my Virgo North Node in 11th house!

      1. Yes, I do understand, as I have a strong Uranian influence in my life! I had a feeling you would want to check out my chart. πŸ˜‰ I was born May 01. 1939 in Bristol, TN, USA. I think the time is 9:27 PM. Will check and get back to you if it needs correction.

  2. Correction: 9:40 PM according to Birth Certificate. Hmm! Wonder where I got the 9:27 PM? I ‘ve always felt the time was off. Having been born at home, it’s possible. I’ll have to check that out myself! Thanks! 😊

    1. Betty, your Sagittarius ASC opposes my Psyche (soul mind) and squares my Nodes of Fate. And, yes, Pluto will Conjunct your Mars at the same time of Vast, Transformational Change.

      1. I long to hear more! I am trying to negotiate the gift of having a reading from you with my accountant (husband! πŸ˜‰) He is not New Age, so this may take time. 😊 In the meantime, is my ASC opposition to your Psyche and square your Nodes an asset or liability for us? I assume the Nodal aspect is a Soul contract – some past life connection, anyway. Do you have any connection to my Nodes? Have felt like I know you since I first saw your work on WordPress. If its any help with the chart, I AM on the path of Service.

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