Pluto Gets Personal – Aug 15 & 16

Snapshot: Tuesday brings us a 3-way aspect to help us get clear about the way we or others use/misuse our power. Wednesday our motivations get adjusted to our use of power or someone else’s power. Both days contain some magic and a glimpse into what the Solar Eclipse has in store.

At 7:17am Venus at 17:18 Cancer Opposes Pluto Rx at 17:18 Capricorn.

Here we can have some money challenges as someone tries to control our access to shared resources. Diplomacy may be advised, but don’t sacrifice your integrity as there is often no end to the demands when they sense that you will bend to their will. This can bring about some good things if you can play your cards right, but for the most part it is just showing you the difference between your desires and theirs.

At 7:11pm the Sun at 23:18 Leo Biquintiles Pluto Rx at 17:18 Capricorn.

Venus and the Sun are applying to a Decile throughout the day as the Sun approaches Pluto. The Decile is 36 degrees and half of a Quintile and offers a chance to be resourceful. While very subtle, there is a connection here around finances/fun, home/children, nurturing/creativity. As the Sun makes a double-magic aspect to Pluto, we can get clear about our own use of power or an authority in our lives.

You may already feel this energy building all day on Monday as it is quite intense with Venus and Pluto.

On the heels of this on Wednesday morning Mars enters the fray.

At 6:37am on Wednesday Mars at 17:17 Leo Quincunx Pluto Rx at 17:17 Capricorn.

Meeting just one minute from his aspects to both Venus and the Sun, Pluto and Mars are going to need to make the adjustments to keep things moving along. This is the 3rd Personal Planet to aspect Pluto within 24 hours so we can see Pluto’s energy from several perspectives. Mars in Leo can use the humor side of things to adjust his fun to Pluto’s stern glare. If you were about to do your own thing using someone else’s money, the adjustment may be to stop and change your actions rather than suffer any blowback.

The rest of the day on Wednesday offers some assistance to us in knowing how to relate subconsciously or to negotiate a better outcome.

At 5:14pm Jupiter at 19:22 Libra Biquintiles Neptune at 13:22 Pisces.

The magical ease between these 2 Higher Mind Planets could help us be truly diplomatic as we work through any difficulties with the various aspects to Pluto. We can try to access the grace of Libra to our benefit. For those who struggle with excessive drinking or drugging, the magical aspect could allow you to get a better handle on how the energy of these 2 Planets can overwhelm you from time to time. Here you should be able to master excessive subconscious energies to rise above any difficulty there.

At 6:12pm the Sun at 24:13 Leo Conjuncts the North Node at 24:13 Leo.

All day on Wednesday we should be getting clearer about the ‘fresh start’ of the Solar Eclipse. What is going to happen for you? By Saturday, as the Moon ingresses Leo, we will really be resonating with the Eclipse energy. Are we setting goals to be more playful, more romantic, to seek more fun and to take things less seriously? Are we ready to throw off social approval in order to express our own creativity?

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