Interpersonal Desires – Aug 17/18

Snapshot: Thursday and Friday we have an interpersonal look at our desires/values/resources around mom, home, family, land and nurturing.

From Thursday morning to Friday afternoon Venus, which rules desires, love, beauty, women, resources and values aspected both Jupiter and Saturn, our 2 Interpersonal Planets. There was you and some others involved here.

At 2:40am on Thursday Venus at 19:26 Cancer Squared Jupiter at 19:26 Libra.

Both of these Planets are healing energy, but the Square can still challenge us to grow. Venus and Jupiter are Planets dealing with our own desires and global ideals. Venus is possessive and Jupiter is expansive. If you’ve ever known a Sagittarian, you know that they may love many rather than one. So our challenge on Wednesday night and Thursday morning was to embrace relating-ships of all kinds. There may have been plenty of women and/or mothers involved and the air was perhaps a challenge to love your others to enjoy all of their relating-ships.

At 2:55pm on Friday Venus at 21:13 Cancer Quincunx Saturn Rx at 21:13 Sagittarius.

Here you must adjust your desires and values to better align with your new spiritual philosophy and/or global perspective. There could be some seniors or foreigners here that you are nurturing, but you need to try see the adjustment Saturn is holding you too. You may be feeling Saturn’s holding you accountable right now in many ways as he slows for his Direct Station on Friday morning Aug 25th. You are being called to focus on the crux of the matter where you have 21+ Sagittarius in your chart. Deal with this issue like an adult. Be accountable to the person that is playing Saturn in your life at this moment. Make the adjustment to your desires to better work with this person.

There are no aspects between the Transiting Planets on Friday, but the Moon will ingress Leo at 1:55pm on Saturday bringing us the building energies of the New Moon Solar Eclipse that exacts at 2:30pm on Monday with the Sun and Moon at 28:53 Leo.

This Eclipse will have a major impact on the United States as its arc of totality falls from the Northwest corner to the Southeast corner of the US. As time allows, I will write more about it!


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