Saturn Direct & Magical Sexual Passion – Aug 25

Snapshot: Friday starts with Saturn’s Direct Station and right on its heels we have some magic between our motivations/passions for romance and our use of power.

At 8:08am (EDT) Saturn Stations Direct we we discussed yesterday. It will be the final phase of Saturn’s Retrograde cycle. We will now begin to build structures in our lives that further our spiritual/global philosophy.

At 10:26am Mars at 23:08 Leo Biquintiles Pluto Rx at 17:08 Capricorn.

Here we have an opportunity to romance someone in authority, to pursue intimacy and shared resources to further our romantic/entertainment or creative endeavors. The Sun made this aspect to Pluto on Aug 15th so there could be a strong connection to what happened then or the goals you set at that time.

From Friday night to Saturday night the Sun and Mercury will be applying to their Inferior Conjunction which exacts at 4:42pm on Saturday at 3:47 Virgo.

We will be getting clear about work, health, fitness, service and roommates issues, but also making any adjustments to Taurus ruled areas where Mercury had his last Retrograde cycle. Taurus rules available resources and is Trine to Virgo as they are both Earth Signs. It is practical issues we are dealing with so follow the energy and see where things REALLY stand. Mercury ahead of the Sun gets carried away with his own vanity and can’t implement them. That is the purpose of the Rx cycle. As the Sun and Mercury meet, roughly 6 days each year, our conscious mind is in sync with the Sun’s realtime/reality.



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