The Inferior Conjunction – Aug 26

Snapshot: All day Saturday our thoughts, ideas and expressions will be in sync with our reality.

At 4:42pm (EDT) the Sun at 3:47 Eros Conjuncts Mercury Rx at 3:27 Virgo.

One of 6 days every year, we can expect to have the clearest conscious thoughts. The Sun rules realtime and Mercury rules our conscious/lower mind thoughts, ideas and expressions. The Sun will bring clarity to what is going on with our goals as Mercury is the Planet to bring about the contracts, verbal agreements and money exchange necessary to set our plans for the next 165-day cycle of Sun and Mercury.

At the Inferior Conjunction we have the ‘seeding’ of the goals for the next cycle. But as Mercury moves behind the Sun, we will need to have ‘faith’ that we are still moving towards those goals. That is where our Higher Mind energies come in. Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune are the true guideposts for 5D thinking. Mercury rules the 3D/Karmic, double-mindedness. He rules Gemini, the Sign of the Twins for a reason. So to keep yourself on track, it is important to know the Higher Mind Planetary energies to keep from waivering as Mercury is so prone to do.

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In my 5D Astrology awareness Mercury is merely the ‘lens’ through which to view the physical world. But don’t rely on him for your understanding of physical vs unseen. Neptune rules the unseen and it is the channel through which we can know all things. But we have to purge our subconscious/Neptune energies to purify what is there to be used. Uranus provides us ways to CHANGE what we see and Jupiter provides us the global view. Jupiter reconciles the polarity of Mercury’s ‘good and evil’ mind.

Yes, Mercury is a necessary evil;) He needs to used as a tool of your Higher Minds. But as he meets the Sun, we can enjoy some clarity that shows us how well we have been keeping in touch with what is really going on.

From Saturday until Aug 5th, Mercury will Rx back to the degree of the Solar Eclipse. Mercury’s Rx cycle is the bookends of the Eclipse. He Stationed Rx between the Lunar and Solar Eclipse and will Station Direct on Sep 5th on the degree of the Eclipse. It is at his Direct Station that we can expect to hear expressions or have thoughts and ideas that show us what the ‘fresh start’ of the Solar Eclipse really was/is,

Interestingly Mercury will Conjunct Mars at 28:44 Leo on Sep 3rd within just 9 minutes of the Solar Eclipse (28:53). From Sep 2-7 Mercury will be sitting on the same degree of the Eclipse as he Stations Direct. We can expect to get clearer about the ‘fresh start’ of the Solar Eclipse at that time. Until then simply stay in your Higher Minds, become a Merlin Mind, while those in 3D wobble back and forth.

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