Passion, Desire & Intimacy – Aug 27

Snapshot: After after midnight on Sunday we have some Soulful motivations for romance, fun or creativity. A productive aspect between our relating and our spiritual philosophy will help our motivations to hit their mark.

At 1:09am (EDT) on Sunday Mars at 24:09 Leo Conjuncts the North Node at 24:09 Leo.

The North Node has been sitting on 24+ Leo for more than a month. If you have a Planet or Point Square to this degree, you have been feeling it! Now, as Mars moves to Conjunct it, you will DO something about it. Just DO it! You will initiate the fun, the romance or the creative venture. The North Node is Square to the Signs of Taurus and Scorpio so there is little doubt there could be money, desires and intimacy involved. Where Leo can bring out casual sex, there may be something deeper involved here if the Nodes of Fate Square a Point or Planet in Taurus or Scorpio. It is will be decisive action that you take.

For the rest of us, we may just be wishing to the object of such passion (Mars), desire (Taurus) and intimacy (Scorpio);) Whatever you do on Saturday night to early Sunday will reveal to you some of the lessons of the North Node in Leo.

At 8:15am Jupiter at 21:11 Libra Sextiles Saturn at 21:11 Sagittarius.

Actually Jupiter has been in this aspect as Saturn Stations Direct, but it will exact on Sunday morning bringing us some optimism in our relating to others what our new spiritual philosophy is. Jupiter rules Saturn in Sagittarius so there is plenty of good feeling where Saturn has been stressing us out over the last 10 months or more!

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