Expressing Work & Helpful Relating – Sep 11

Snapshot: About 11:00pm (EDT) on Saturday night our thoughts, ideas and communication changed from fun and romance to focusing on work, health, service and volunteering.  On Monday morning we have some helpful, romantic relating.

At 11:00pm Mercury ingressed Virgo again. Now we will begin to express our new plans regarding work/health/fitness/service and volunteering. Mercury has crossed 0:00 degrees of Virgo 2xs already:  Jul 26 and Aug 31. There is likely a connection to things expressed near those times, but with a twist.

Mercury now joins the Sun and Mars both in Virgo. Only Venus is left in Leo. While we still desire fun and romance, we are initiating Virgo things, seeing Virgo things clearly and now planning and expressing Virgo things. Which Houses in your Chart does Virgo energy touch? That House/s is/are being activated by the Personal Planets right now.

At 6:50am (EDT) Jupiter at 23:59 Libra Sextiles the North Node at 23:59 Leo.

A helpful aspect to assist you in relating your romantic notions to someone or for using fun to say what you can’t express. Jupiter is wrapping up his Transit of Libra and we should know what our new philosophy for relating to others is. Libra is where relationship form a mirror for yourself. Jupiter gives us a bigger view so that we can see through the ‘mirror’ and understand both ourselves and our reflection are US. With this in mind, isn’t it easier to do what Jupiter’s energy allows: forgiveness, optimism and understanding? Apply this energy to yourself and you do so for any ‘other’ in your life, too. The North Node in Leo is helping our playful side to be Soulful and able to not seek the one-sided center of attention that Leo can be in 3D.

This aspect is helpful for all of Sunday and Monday.

Now with Mercury and Saturn both moving forward again, we are getting clearer about the ‘fresh start’ of the Eclipse. Saturn may have forced you to choose one thing to focus on in the House where you have him Transiting. For me I had to part-time jobs (Saturn in 2nd House of earned income), but the stress/focus of Saturn as I moved through dealing with both brought things to a conclusion. As he Stationed, I saw which job I preferred and moved in that direction. Others are still trying to make the one choice in this House where they have 21+ Sagittarius. Make the choice and you will find that it Saturn will now initiate the foundations for it to all work out.

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