Grand Kite of Soulful Desires – Sep 14

Snapshot: With 3 5D points and Venus in a Grand Fire Trine with a Kite formed across the Nodes of Fate today we may be feeling some real ease around our desires for fun, romance, creativity and children.

As I wrote yesterday, on Thursday night Venus will Conjunct the North Node at 23:59 Leo. But she is in a tight orb all day in Trines to Eris in Aries and Black Moon Lillith in Sagittarius. Fire Trines can burn out quickly, but it may be just the day to take a chance on love, your desires and having some fun with it. If any of these Points/Planets touch something in your own chart, it will be a very special feeling today.

The North Node is a Soulful point and the South Node shows us what we need to release right now. We should be letting go of ‘groups’ and focusing on the special ‘ones’ in our lives: romantic partners, children, our own creative venture and fun.

Eris in Aries is the friction necessary to make things happen. BML in Sagittarius is a 5D channel of cosmological perspective. So its BIG, its EASY and its designed for fun and romance. See if you can fly this kite!!


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