Powerful Desires Get Expressed & Eros Plunges into Scorpio – Sep 21/22

Snapshot: On Thursday we have adjusted desires around work/health/service that creates an ease with authority types. On Friday we are able to express our plans to the same authorities.

At 9:57am (EDT) on Thursday Venus at 1:52 Virgo Ses-Squares Pluto Rx at 16:52 Capricorn.

Venus is newly in Virgo and bringing out our desires for our daily routines of work and/or service. As she encounters a benefactor or intimate partner, she will adjust her desires in order to create an ease. Pluto in Capricorn is some father-like authority providing money, some bank, corporate or government providing money or someone you are intimate with that is in a position to share his resources (Capricorn rules the father, though can be a powerful woman as well). Venus + Pluto is intense desires.

At 12:30am on Friday Eros ingresses Scorpio leaving refined Libra behind.

Eros is an Asteroid that signifies the 5D side of passion or a higher octave of Mars. In Libra, we were passionate about relating, but in Scorpio, it is so much more! The depth of Scorpio is to completely merge through physical love, or sex. Scorpio is Fixed Water, or Fixed Emotion. The Taurus/Scorpio axis is the axis of fidelity with its fixed nature. Though other aspects in your chart can greatly challenge this! Libra energy wants things to look good on the surface. It is a consensual, social energy. We are in a ‘relationship’ and we prove that outside of the bedroom. But in Scorpio, it is ALL about the bedroom and what goes on behind closed doors. Scorpios are loyal because until they have completely merged with you, it just aint over! Add Eros energy to this Pluto-ruled Sign that Transforms and we have a very exciting 6 weeks ahead;) Get ready to plunge to the depths of someone else if you are touched by this Transit in significant ways. A short Reading/Report can help you discover this.

At 2:01pm Mercury at 16:52 Virgo Trines Pluto Rx at 16:52 Capricorn.

As both Venus and Mercury meet Pluto on the exact same degree and minute, this is a continuing story that will allow for contracts to be signed, agreements to be expressed or plans for your new desires that you can begin working on. There is an ease with your benefactor or intimate partner here so use the opportunity for easy communication to your advantage.

At 4:05pm on Friday the Sun ingresses Libra creating the Fall Equinox.

The Cardinal (initiating energy) Signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Cancer together with the Sun’s ingress of each Sign initiates a new Season. In the Northern Hemisphere the Sun in Libra brings the Fall season. In the Southern Hemisphere it brings Spring.

And right now the Nodes of Fate are Transiting at 23+ degrees of Leo (North Node) and Aquarius (South Node). If you have a Planet at this degree (or within 1 degree orb) in Taurus or Scorpio, you may be already feeling the Soulful depths of this lesson!

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