Higher-Minded Relating – Sep 27

Snapshot: Testing our new relating-ship philosophy is what is occurring on Wednesday. There is a moment where some communication will cause you to feel some wounding of shame, guilt, avoidance or emotional manipulation.

At 10:37am Jupiter at 27:15 Libra Ses-Squares Neptune Rx at 12:15 Pisces.

This aspect isn’t easily ‘felt’ but it can be understood. If you sense a subconscious fear getting in the way of your relating to friends or ‘partners’ then you will need to adjust yourself to remember you and everyone else are connected. This aspect can make it easy to overindulge as well as the lines are very blurry. Or the effect of drugs and alcohol can be much stronger with this aspect. The subconscious pouring in can overwhelm some, but be aware of what this merging can show you.

At 6:12pm Mercury at 26:10 Virgo Opposes Chiron Rx at 26:10 Pisces.

This is Mercury wrapping up the rolling T-Square he has been making with the ‘Heartbreak Transit’ since Monday when he Squared Saturn. On this aspect he will verbalize some deep wounding of this Transit as it relates to your being, daily activities, work/service/duty and health. Make a note of what you say or what is said towards you as it will clarify for you what Chiron’s role has been in the ‘Crisis of Faith’ and the heartbreak. In Pisces the energies are hidden and not so obvious.

At 12:25am on Thursday Jupiter at 27:22 Libra Opposes Uranus Rx at 27:22 Aries.

This aspect may have been very helpful in dealing with Mercury’s Opposition to Chiron. With so much Higher Mind energy going on today, it should have felt like you were speaking to yourself even if someone else delivered the words. Because we have so much Soul Awareness coming through with today. With Jupiter and Uranus in Opposition we are balancing our personal needs with our relating-ships needs. When we see that they are one in the same somehow, we can move forward. Possessiveness has no place in Soulful/5D relating. Yes, it feels good enough to keep going, but there are other experiences to be had from time to time. But the revelation is likely to be able to see the mirror aspect of ALL our relationships. That’s when things get pretty trippy;) It doesn’t take drugs or alcohol… it just takes using your Higher Minds!

Today, be in your Merlin Mind… Chiron is there bringing it all together. The aspects are not 5D ones, but the Oppositions allow us to see our Higher Minds at work so we can better use them to shape-shift our realities on magical/5D aspects.


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