Our Desires Meet the Higher Minds – Sep 29/30

Snapshot: Friday and Saturday is all about  our desires as revealed through our subconscious, our personal path to freedom and our relating-ship philosophy.

At 8:11pm (EDT) Venus at 12:12 Virgo Opposes Neptune Rx at 12:12 Pisces.

Venus is the last Personal Planet of the major 4 (Sun, Mercury and Mars) to run through these same aspects to the 3 Higher Mind Planets. The Sun began these aspects on Sep 5 and brought us clarity around Virgo areas of health, fitness, work, service, duty from the Higher Mind perspectives. Mercury move through these aspects on Sep 18-20 bringing us ideas and expressions from our Higher Minds. Mars moved through here on Sep 23-24 bringing us actions to express our Higher Mind energies in Virgo.

Now our desires are under review. As Venus Opposes Neptune, we will need to balance our desires with any fears we see or with unconditional love. If you see a fear, the Opposition can show you what to release. If there is no fear and someone desires the Opposite of what you desire, show the unconditional love available here. This could be anyone around the workplace, health and fitness arenas, volunteers, bosses, co-workers who are desiring the opposite of that you want.

At 10:18pm Venus at 12:18 Virgo Ses-Squares Uranus Rx at 27:18 Aries.

This aspect has more personal things going on here. Your own drive for personal freedom and your Virgo desires need to be adjusted in order to create an ease. Yes, you desire to serve someone (Venus in Virgo), but you need your own freedom today as well. How will you adjust to meet both ends of this aspect? The good news is there will be an ease that results that will feel good to both parties.

At 9:24am on Saturday Venus at 12:52 Virgo Semi-Squares Jupiter at 27:52 Libra.

Nothing much to sweat here as Venus rules Jupiter in Libra and both are healing Planets. However, there is something about reciprocity that needs to be noticed here. Virgo energy is where we can ‘serve’ too much and Libra desires balance. Work it out and see how your new relating-ship philosophy supports the balance, too.

In aspect, Venus can be a woman (or female energy in each of us) who is challenging you around the workplace, gym, etc. In aspect with Neptune, you may not be sure you want her to touch you or serve. In aspect to Uranus, you might be surprised that her approach is somewhat desirable after all. In aspect to Jupiter, you need to strike the Libra balance of reciprocity. She may be desiring to ‘serve’ you and you are challenged to find out whether it is what you desire as well and on what terms.

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