Mercury Conjunct Psyche, BQ Neptune – Oct 9

Snapshot: Deep relating-ship thinking meets our intimate, authority types all day on Monday.

Just before Midnight (EDT) on Sunday night, Mercury, the Sun and Transiting Psyche (the Soul Mind) are all at 16+ degrees of Libra. The Sun and Mercury were Conjunct Psyche at their Superior Conjunction. In the Sign of Libra, this is a very significant alignment of our Soul Mind and conscious mind to take in the lessons of ‘relating-ship’ that Jupiter has been bringing us over the last 13 months. Jupiter is sitting at 29+ degrees of Libra on Sunday and Monday wrapping up the Libra philosophical lessons before he ingresses Scorpio on Tuesday morning.

On top of all of this, Psyche, Mercury and the Sun are Square to Pluto all day on Monday emphasizes something between our relating-ship philosophy and our own use of power.

At 6:00am (EDT) Mercury at 16:42 Libra Conjuncts Psyche at 16:42 Libra.

Here we may not speak at all, but our Soul Mind will be activated and elevating Mercury’s thoughts into realms he doesn’t usually tread. Pay attention to your thoughts as they will be powerful and oriented towards understanding the Karmic mirror of our relationships moving us into relating-ship awareness.

At 8:26am Mercury at 16:53 Libra Squares Pluto at 16:53 Capricorn.

Without the Conjunction of Psyche, Mercury in Square to Pluto would be suspicious words between your partnerships and your intimate and financial backers. But Psyche is a 5D point and in 5D a Square is not Karmic, but rather 5D. Now we have the ability to move our expressions into Soulful, magical realms with those we are intimate with or who we share resources with.

At 6:00pm Psyche at 16:53 Libra Squares Pluto at 16:53 Capricorn.

There is no telling how you might feel this energy, but you will somehow just know how to better relate to your intimate/authority partners.

At 8:11pm the Sun at 16:53 Libra Squares Pluto at 16:53 Capricorn.

Here we will have the clarity around what we are sensing as a Soul Mind reality. We can SEE how our new relating-ship philosophy is serving us or challenging us.

At 9:00pm the Sun at 16:55 Libra Conjuncts Psyche at 16:55 Libra.

It may be nearly impossible to separate these various aspects throughout the day as expressions, clarity and Soulful perspectives are all in play regarding our use of power or someone else’s use of power. It is a very interesting day to pay attention to our conscious mind when managing our Soul Mind and Pluto AT THE SAME TIME!

At assist us even further will be the energy over the next 2 days as Mercury, the Sun and Psyche Biquintile Neptune!!

At 11:31pm Mercury at 17:58 Libra Biquintiles Neptune Rx at 11:58 Pisces.

The entire day Mercury has been in orb to Neptune allowing him access to the collective unconscious mind… further protection from any lower mind/vanity energies. All of our expressions from Sunday through Tuesday will be coming from a deep place as well as from our collective Soul Mind (Psyche). It doesn’t get any better for us to learn the lessons of ‘5D relating-ships’ as ALL relationships are mirrors of ourselves. See how to better adjust your view of others from the lens of our connectedness (Neptune) and our Soul’s perspective (Psyche).

To add to this great energy, we have Transiting Black Moon Lillith at 26+ Sagittarius Trine to Transiting Uranus Rx at 26+ Aries and BML is still in orb of a Square to Transiting Chiron at 25+ Pisces.

AND Transiting Saturn is right on BML’s heels as he pulls into the 3rd Heartbreak Square with Chiron. So we have some amazing Soul Awareness coming in right now to prepare us for GRATITUDE for the pain of the last year!

Is it any wonder that on Monday night I have a Seminar at 7:00pm for 5D Astrology, the Theory of Everything. I don’t expect a large crowd, as that would be Mercury-only energy. But I do expect a very Soulful number of folks to be there:) Julie, Mercades, Christy, Emily, just to name a few!!

But Neptune, in BQ to Mercury, Sun and Psyche is EXACTLY Conjunct my South Node!! To the minute! And in my other lives I was very psychic, but I have taken this ability and turned it into SCIENCE in this lifetime… the Theory of EVERYTHING! That is my Virgo North Node. If you want to Skype into the Seminar, let me know RIGHT AWAY!!

My Skype is Beth Bridgman or 5D Astrology. But email me in advance to let me know:



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