Gratitude Thru the Heartache – Nov 1/2

Snapshot: As we approach the last Heartbreak Square between Saturn and Chiron we have some clarity and expressions that will assist us in finding some gratitude for the entire last year.

NOTE: For me, Saturn is Semi-Square my Natal Neptune and Mercury where the Sun is on Wednesday. This is the 3rd pass and played a part in the totalling of my van on Sunday, no doubt;) Are these aspects affecting your chart in a very personal way?

At 6:37pm on Wednesday the Sun at 9:42 Scorpio Semi-Squares Saturn at 24:42 Sagittarius.

There is a bit of an ‘ouch’ here in a Semi-Square, but the Sun brings clarity and that can easily be turned into gratitude with a bit of effort. Its good to KNOW what the Karma in the Heartbreak Transit was all about. Once you SEE IT (Sun) you can resolve it (Karma/Saturn). This is Part 1 of achieving some gratitude for the Heartbreak Transit.

At 9:25pm the Sun at 9:49 Scorpio Ses-Squares Chiron Rx at 24:49 Pisces.

Part 2 will be coming quickly on the heels of the 1st part as the Sun adjusts our clarity to create an ease with the wounding part of the Heartbreak Transit. Sun and Chiron is where we can get into gratitude if we use our Soul Awareness. The Ses-Square means we will have to adjust ourselves a bit, but the gratitude can follow.

The Sun in Scorpio is providing a unique perspective to the Heartbreak Squares just as Saturn applies to Square Chiron for the 3rd time on Thursday. Having intimate clarity here means that we can/need to heal ourselves with another by using the gratitude we are coming into. Be honest about your feelings. Don’t judge them for theirs.

At 1:16am on Thursday Mercury at 24:44 Scorpio Semi-Sextiles Saturn at 24:44 Sagittarius.

Now we can productively express our gratitude with our intimate partners and financial backers. The may be some ‘insurance company’ involved here as Saturn is ‘authority’ such as cops and public figures and Sagittarius rules insurance, speculation and seniors. We will be honest and forthcoming and not hold back any details that are needed to resolve any karma.

At 2:37am Mercury at 24:49 Scorpio Trines Chiron Rx at 24:49 Pisces.

Here our words will come easily and offer some Soulful healing if we are still in gratitude.

At 5:56pm Saturn at 24:47 Sagittarius Squares Chiron Rx at 24:47 Pisces.

This is the 3rd and Final Square between these 2 which creates some ‘Heartbreak’ in our lives that we must integrate to move forward. It doesn’t get much suckier than these 2 in a Square! The 1st 2 Squares were on Dec 28, 2016 and Apr 30, 2017, but we were already into the story of the Heartache by last December. Another story may have emerged at the 2nd Square or some sort of easing of it for a bit.

Its very dependent on your own chart how this last Square will play out. Try to stay in the gratitude the Sun is providing you as this aspect exacts. Chiron will Station Direct on Dec 5 and make one last pass to this Square and the 2nd Square on Jan 6 and Mar 10 respectively. But there is always a ‘silver lining’ following these Squares, like a rainbow after a hard storm. The gratitude we see on Tuesday will carry us through to see that silver lining asap.

On Friday Venus will aspect both Chiron and Saturn from Libra and there will be some healing on hand for our relating-ships. And the Sun will Trine Neptune just a few degrees from meeting Saturn so we will have some help following the Final Square.





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