Full Moon/Higher Desires & a Leap – Nov 4

Snapshot: Shortly after midnight on we have some revelation around our desires to relate. This revelation/change coincides an emotional peak around our money and money we share. By afternoon we need to adjust our desires for subconscious ease.

At 1:02am Venus at 25:54 Libra Opposes Uranus at 25:54 Aries.

Venus rules Libra and enjoys refined relating, balanced communication, reciprocal love and affection. Uranus is the great change-agent. He likes to ‘shake things up.’ Put these 2 energies together and you have ‘love at first sight’ but also ‘love for one night’ as Uranian blasts are usually short-lived. You have CHANGED DESIRES, or unusual/unexpected desires. Or you might suddenly want to donate all of your money to someone. Its an electric moment full of possibilities. As Uranus is in Aries, the Sign of ‘men’ we can expect the sexes to really have sudden desires for the other.

At 1:32am the Moon at 11:59 Taurus Opposes the Sun at 11:59 Scorpio creating the Full Moon.

As Venus rules Taurus as well as Libra so she rules the Full Moon too. And Saturday is all about Venus and Taurus. At the Full Moon we will be contrasting our feelings (Moon) around our beauty, our resources, our values and our loves (Venus/Taurus) with our intimacy needs and the use of other peoples’ money (such as debt, loans, bankruptcy, child support, inheritance, taxes, etc./Scorpio) and setting new goals (Sun).

I don’t write much about the Moon as it is idealized out of proportion by many. Often people attribute aspects of other Planets to the Moon. If they could discern the Higher Mind Planets, they would be in much greater awareness. New and Full Moons affect a 2-4 week cycle each year. They don’t create HUGE changes in intuition or goals. They are emotionally intense as we SEE how we FEEL about the Taurus/Scorpio areas of our lives right now. That being said, they are a beginning step to FEELING the Planets:) Yay!!

At 1:35pm Venus at 26:34 Libra Ses-Squares Neptune Rx at 11:34 Pisces.

By this time our emotions should have settled a bit and we see that we need to adjust something in our subconscious mind in order to embrace the new/changed desires and our money and intimacy goals as seen at the Full Moon. You may have a moment when your old fears cause you to choke on your the new revelations just a bit, but you will catch yourself and allow your old fears to dissolve for an ease to return to your relating with someone or others.

Sunday is quiet as we sit with our desires and Full Moon goals and watch the pain of the Heartbreak Squares begin to ease. We are in a new place and gratitude will be found as the last Square separates.

What a wild few days it has been! We are all deeply changed as we integrate the pain and move forward with our new ‘faith perspective’ as Saturn in Sagittarius has been urging us to. How do we continue with life having seen the depth of despair Chiron in Pisces has put us through (in some area of our lives)? That is a quantum leap of faith.



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