Venus Brings Healing to the Heartbreak – Nov 3

Snapshot: On Thursday night we will express some Karmic aspect of the Heartbreak Transit. On Friday we have some magic and then our desires to relate move through the Heartbreak Square as it is separating. Easy subconscious clarity will clear the air in some way.

At 9:02pm on Thursday Mercury at 25:57 Scorpio Quincunx Uranus Rx at 25:57 Aries.

The first aspect following the final Heartbreak Square may actually clear the air a bit. It may surprise and shock, but if we make an adjustment, we can move in a new direction that can help us deal with any pain. Over the last few days most of us have been hit with some challenging energy, but we are now through the worst of it by Friday morning.

At 3:29am on Friday Jupiter 5:10 Scorpio Quintiles Pluto Rx at 17:10 Capricorn.

We can use this effortless energy between our intimate partners and financial backers. It could get lost in the fray of the lingering Heartbreak issues, but it is available. Honesty and transparency will be the key here in dealing with some authority.

At 3:30am Venus at 24:47 Libra Quincunx Chiron Rx at 24:47 Pisces.

Occurring exactly with the above aspect, we have some adjustment to make to bring some healing around the wounding side of the Heartbreak Squares. Chiron in Pisces is hidden things: agendas, emotional manipulation, avoidance, addiction. And these behaviors have taken a toll on many relating-ships. Here we have a bit of healing available as we move out of the heartbreak. Use your touch to relate today.

At 4:31am Venus at 24:50 Libra Sextiles Saturn at 24:50 Sagittarius.

Our touch is productive and assists us in showing our new spiritual philosophy to our partners and friends. We will begin to have a new perspective to share with others that is our ‘faith’ moving forward.

At 3:23pm the Sun at 11:34 Scorpio Trines Neptune Rx at 11:34 Pisces.

Here we have some clarity around the things that Neptune has been dissolving in the hidden areas of our lives where we have 11+ Pisces. The ease will allow us to arrive at some new goals for moving our intimate situations forward.

Take time to heal over the heartbreak. Be patient with others who you know are hurting, too. The silver lining is up ahead, but reach for the gratitude, if you can, now.

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