Final Saturn Trine Uranus – Nov 11

Snapshot: Early Friday morning we had some ideas or expression around intimacy. But all of Friday we are feeling a change to the status quo of our personal path. Saturday afternoon we have some magical, passionate desires. And Saturday evening our intimate goals are challenged.

At 7:07am (EST) on Friday Mercury at 6:44 Sagittarius Semi-Sextiled Jupiter at 6:44 Scorpio.

A minor aspect that may have only affected you personally about some perspective around your intimacy.

At 4:45am on Saturday Saturn at 25:38 Sagittarius Trines Uranus Rx at 25:38 Aries.

This aspect has been building all week and now we have the culmination of it. A Trine is a Transitional aspect that we can ride from 3D to 5D energies if we focus on it. Saturn in Sagittarius has been bringing us through Heartbreak and a ‘Crisis of Faith’ this last year in his Squares with Chiron, but he has also been bringing us through an ‘eas-e’ change to our status quo, especially in our spiritual philosophy (Saturn in Sagittarius) and finding our own path to freedom (Uranus in Aries). As we have been initiating structures (Saturn) for a new spiritual philosophy (Sagittarius), we have been needing to do this in light of the Heartbreak and Crisis of Faith we have been facing. To assist us with the implementation of this new spiritual philosophy, Saturn has been Trine to Uranus as well allowing us to CHANGE (Uranus) our status quo (Saturn) beliefs (Sagittarius). Now we are at the final Trine and need to IMPLEMENT our new sense of FAITH, our new perspective of things and our new optimism that can result. Uranus sets us the ability to change and in Aries, the change is to ourselves. If we change, we can implement our new spiritual philosophy. We can break free from our old habits of ‘faith’ and begin to have new things illuminated for us. It is a Spiritual Awakening. Or Spiritual Renewal.

There can be some shocking things that result from this, but it will shake us out of our rut and onto a new path. Change is good. Structures are good. In this Trine, we can have them both with ease. It is time to shake off the pain and to move into the new path with our new philosophy and belief system.

Uranus in Aries can create ‘accidents’ like I had with my van. Saturn is Karma and the guy I hit seemed to have some of that coming to him in Spades. Saturn in Sagittarius is Karmic fear around legal and insurance matters. Aries is acting before thinking. Uranus and Mars/Aries energies can create these ‘accidents’ to put us on a new path. It may take a while to see the new path fully emerge, but by Saturday you should have some flashes of how it might play out or unfold.

Follow the path of this CHANGE to your SPIRITUAL PHILOSOPHY: 1st Trine was Dec 24, 2016; 2nd Trine was May 19, 2017 and the 3rd Trine is Saturday.

At 12:43pm Venus at 5:20 Scorpio Quintiles Pluto at 17:20 Capricorn.

Venus is the 3rd Personal Planet to Quintile Pluto in the last few weeks and the 2nd Healing Planet. On Oct 20th Mercury Quintiled Pluto at 4:58 Scorpio. This was some expression or ideas of intimacy and power. On Oct 28th the Sun Quintiled Pluto at 5:04 Scorpio. This was some clarity around intimacy and power. On Nov 3rd Jupiter Quintiled Pluto at 5:10 Scorpio bringing us some bigger perspective of ourselves in intimacy with others. Now Venus will bring us a 5D look at our intimate desires with those in authority or those who are our financial backers. Careful, merging could occur here;)

At 7:37pm the Sun at 19:49 Scorpio Squares the Nodes of Fate at 19:49 Leo/Aquarius.

The Sun in Scorpio is helping us get clear about our intimate and shared resources dealings. We are setting new goals for transparency and honesty. In Square to the Nodes of Fate, the Sun will have us checking to be sure our new goals align with Soulfully enjoying ourselves romantically and entertainment wise as well as within a social context.

The skies are quiet on Sunday (EST), but we can have some revelations and expansive desires on Monday though there can be some subconscious fears emerging too.

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