Higher-Mindedness – Nov 13

Snapshot: Monday holds revelatory expression, expansive desires to merge, applying our spiritual philosophy and subconscious expression that could involve excessive escapism or addiction to those affected that way.

On Monday alone, Mercury and Venus will meet with the 3 Higher Mind Planets. These are aspects to keep track of as they DO show you what is relevant from our powerful unseen/Higher Mind realm of 5D.

Unlike Einstein’s quote above, in following the awareness of your Higher Minds via 5D Astrology, you CAN KNOW how you got there;) That is your Merlin Mind!

At 1:30am (EST) Mercury at 10:34 Sagittarius Ses-Squares Uranus at 25:34 Aries.

Your words could come flying out unexpectedly, but adjust the tone once you realize the jolt it is delivering and there could be an ease. Yes, Uranus can jolt and shock, but in a sanitized way that keeps it from being painful. If you sense it is too much for someone, or yourself, try to see the bigger picture and an ease will result. Put yourself in the shoes of those you are communicating with and you can make the required change easier.

At 3:15am Venus at 7:20 Scorpio Conjuncts Jupiter at 7:20 Scorpio.

A wonderful feeling around intimacy and sharing of resources. Jupiter creates abundance or expansion and Venus will gladly apply herself or her resources to the situation. Who you are feeling this towards will be shown by the House where you have 7+ Scorpio in your Natal Chart. Touch is easy. Sharing is easy and you can even see why it is so important right now. You can see how it breaks down barriers creating new levels of intimacy, transparency and honesty.

At 1:04pm 52 Mars at 13:52 Libra Quintiles Saturn at 25:Sagittarius.

This is 5D/Magic between our ‘go’ (Mars) and our ‘stop’ (Saturn) energies. We want to relate, but we need to be accountable to our new spiritual philosophy. Be inclusive of others rather than focusing on just one and the magic of this moment will be miraculous. Some of the angst of the Heartbreak Squares is being assisted here as Mars applies Jupiter’s lessons for relating over the last year.

At 5:47pm Mercury at 11:29 Sagittarius Squares Neptune Rx at 11:29 Pisces.

Neptune is nearly stopped dead in the heavens and finally clear of a 10 degree orb with Saturn which has been in play over the last 2+ years as 2015 brought us through the Karmic Squares of Saturn in Sagittarius to Neptune in Pisces. Now Mercury is again nearing the degrees of those Squares (he did last year too) and helping us to express some of the disillusionment of public and religious structures from that time. Karma is a balance of control and escape. On a global scale, as Sagittarius rules, we have had disception (Neptune/Pisces in a Square) of the press (Sagittarius rules publishing) taking us down some path that was very Karmic in nature… reacting to the stories of what ‘other people did to us.’ Now Mercury will express some of that though the Square could still be a Karmic expression. You can shift it into the Higher Mind perspective of Neptune and realize it is our collective fear/Karma being realized so we can move past it.

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