Sexual Healing & Touch – Nov 14

Tuesday night there is sexual healing touch available.

At 8:41pm (EST) Venus at 9:30 Scorpio Ses-Squares Chiron Rx at 24:30 Pisces.

Chiron, our collective umbilical cord to our Souls, is just separating from the final Heartbreak Square with Saturn. We are still trying to resolve the pain of the last year and integrate it into our new spiritual philosophy or ‘faith’ as we move forward.

Venus is a Healing Planet that employs touch and love to the equation. In the Sign of Scorpio, which rules sexual intimacy and is Opposite the Sign of Taurus, which Venus rules, she is bringing in both touch and open, non-resistant, Soulful merging as a means to heal.

This is a pretty fast moving energy, but take every chance you can to heal something within yourself or with another or others. Use touch. It will be more effective than words here. Use visuals as many are prone to do with all the video streaming. Send the touch anyway you can.

The heavens are quiet on Wednesday, but on Thursday morning Venus will aspect both Karmic Planets from 11+ Scorpio offering us more healing around the Heartbreak Squares and any Karma.

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