Sea-Shift & Heartbreak Healing – Nov 21-22

On Tuesday morning our desires work productively with some authority-types plans. By evening, though, our desires are in the vice-grip of the Nodes of Fate… what will you choose?

At 6:29am Venus at 17:33 Scorpio Sextiles Pluto at 17:33 Capricorn.

A minor, but helpful aspect around our desires to merge with someone in authority or who enjoys some social status. We may share ourselves or put our own money into a investment with others.

At 5:58pm Venus at 18:09 Scorpio Squares the North Node at 18:09 Leo.

A fast moving, but decisive squeeze around our desires from a Soulful perspective. Will we choose to have more money with our money or intimacy or will we choose to follow the crowd and put some money into a ‘go fund me’ page for someone? Its more likely we are going to want to have more fun and romance around our intimacy or put our money into an artistic venture of our own. But there will be a minute or two of weighing the pros and cons.

The Sun moved through this same aspect on Nov 11 at 19+ degrees of Scorpio. There we had some clarity, but now we may be using our own money or someone else’s as we pursue our desires.

At 9:21am on Wednesday Neptune at 11:28 Pisces Stations Direct.

Now we will be moving forward again with our collective subconscious mind. We have uncovered some hidden things during the Retrograde phase and now things will be getting clearer and settled again until Neptune crosses over 14:16 Pisces (where he Stationed Retrograde on Jun 16) on Mar 13, 2018. Once in new territory there will be some unfolding stories that will be reviewed again through his Rx cycle. If you try to notice it, a Neptune Direct Station feels like a ‘sea shift.’ Its deep, but noticeable.

At 5:29pm on Wednesday Jupiter at 9:23 Scorpio Ses-Squares Chiron Rx at 24:23 Pisces.

This aspect is in orb already now offering up some very nice healing to some of the wounding on the Heartbreak Squares. Jupiter rules Saturn in Sagittarius who aspected Chiron in 3 Squares over the 11 months. From Scorpio, honesty and benevolence are the types of healings Jupiter can offer. But use the energy to let go of the pain and memories of the Heartbreak and see how you can merge with someone free of any old pain.


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