Giving Thanks & Black Friday Energies – Nov 23/24

Thursday’s aspects have already come and are separating, but we were left with clarifying awareness. Friday we have some painful words, irritation with authorities followed by too many words.

At 3:15am (EST) on Thursday the Sun at 1:14 Sagittarius Biquintiled Uranus Rx at 25:14 Aries.

Some clarifying awareness around our path to freedom and our spiritual philosophy. This is the Sun’s first aspect from Sagittarius since ingressing the Sign around midnight on Wednesday.

At 4:10am Venus at 19:57 Scorpio Semi-Sextiled Mars at 19:57 Libra.

A minor aspect that produced some goodwill between the sexes in initmate relating.

At 9:54am on Friday Mercury at 24:22 Sagittarius Squares Chiron Rx at 24:22 Pisces.

A bit of an ouch as Mercury is in the energy of the Saturn/Chiron Squares (aka Heartbreak Squares) of the last year. Words could pick at the pain, but it is what it is. Someone will express the pain or you will and you will be clear about some of what happened over the last year. Though Mercury will Rx and aspect Chiron in Square 2 more times. Be careful in any long lines for Black Friday. And try not to be too disappointed if you can’t get the item you wanted for a gift.

At 12:37pm the Sun at 2:38 Sagittarius Semi-Squares Pluto at 17:38 Capricorn.

Some clarity around legal issues with authority-types, or resources you share with seniors, foreigners or those at a long distance. It is also a chance to see how your new spiritual philosophy may rub some authority-type the wrong way.

At 9:45pm Mercury at 24:51 Sagittarius Semi-Squares Jupiter at 9:51 Scorpio.

Jupiter rules Mercury in this aspect so the Semi-Square won’t be that strong with his healing power at double-strength. There is a great chance that you will over-state your case around your beliefs or some intimacy/shared resources issue.


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