Anatomy of a Sex Scandal

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I don’t watch any news so it takes Planetary aspects to bring anything from the mainstream media (aka Mercury) into my conscious realm. But enough friends have asked me about it and I had to look at my own chart to really see what is transpiring. Many of us will be touched by these same energies and now you will know what it is all about.

The Nodes of Fate create the Eclipses and have a cycle of 18.5 years (we’ll use 18 for our purposes here).

Currently the Nodes of Fate are Transiting Leo (North Node) and Aquarius (South Node). To look at the hard Soulful Lessons of this Transit, we look to the Signs Square to Leo and Aquarius: the 2 other Fixed energy Signs of Taurus and Scorpio.

Let’s break down the Transit of the Nodes of Fate in Leo and Aquarius. Leo rules romance, entertainment, casual sex and creativity (among other things). Aquarius rules the social network, internet, electricity, equality and detached emotion.

The North Node in Leo is causing us approach romance and casual sex from a Soulful perspective. At the Soul-Level we are all connected so we can choose to honor this aspect or not.

The South Node in Leo is bringing out the downside of Aquarian energy. Like sex tapes going viral or your casual sex being spread across social media.

And Square to Leo and Aquarius are the 2 Money Houses and the 2 House of sensual and sexual touch: Taurus and Scorpio.

Squares are Karmic and ‘hard’. They bring issues to the surface that we have been dealing with at the Soul-Level for multiple lifetimes.

4.5 years ago the Nodes of Fate were across the axis of Scorpio (North Node) and Taurus (South Node). If there was too much touch going on then, we are seeing some of the results of that situation now.

In 5D, we can see the possibility present itself, but can nullify it by knowing that sex at the Soul-Level isn’t really about the physical body. It is about the merging of our minds and spirit as well which elevates beyond the physical.

When the Transiting Nodes of Fate are Squaring Planets and Points in Taurus and Scorpio for the 18 month stay in Leo and Aquarius, you can find your own romantic situations in the limelight if its in your Karmic history.

9 years ago the Nodes of Fate were Transiting across the same axis, but flipped with the North Node in Aquarius and South Node in Leo. At that time everyone was jumping on the social media bandwagon in earnest. We were building the very network that can take your ‘sex videos’ and ‘sexcapades’ viral now! South Node in Aquarius is ‘viral’ distribution of your casual sex stuff.

Now, looking at Harvey Weinstein’s chart without the time of birth, he has plenty of energy causing this stuff to go viral and to have the women come forward. The Nodes of Fate will be on the axis of the Lunar Eclipse from Aug 7th which unearthed the Weinstein scandal, I’m surmising. The North Node was recently Conjunct his Natal Pluto at 19 Leo which is Square his Natal Mars at 18+ Scorpio which has just been Squared by the Transiting Nodes of Fate releasing the energy into his 3rd House by Sun Sign which rules rumor mill and media. He has 2 Fingers of God in placements involving sexual/sensual touch. And there is so much more to explain in his chart, but he is NOT the only one going through something similar on a smaller scale.

Jupiter is now Transiting Scorpio since Oct 9. Jupiter rules legal things and global things. This is legal issues with sex or shared resources at a lower vibrational level which a Square can bring out. Jupiter expands things. Highest Scorpio energy is integrity through honesty and transparency. Jupiter expands the need for this openness and honesty. It is like a antiseptic to all the hidden issues with sex and sharing of money.

Jupiter is currently applying to Square the Nodes of Fate on Dec 24th at 15:42 Scorpio/Leo respectively. This is going to be a time of reckoning for us all in the ways we deal with intimacy, both casual (Leo) and deep (Scorpio).

In 4.5 years we will have the Nodes Transiting with the North Node in Taurus and South Node in Scorpio. This is an on-going cycle dealing with private/public issues around intimacy, sex and social media.

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