Soulful Adjustment – Nov 30

Just after midnight (EST) on Thursday we will hear our desires expressed. On the heels of it, we will have to adjust our use of power to our Soulful sense of fun. Then our motivations to relate adjust to our collective wounding.

At 1:00am (EST) Mercury at 28:34 Sagittarius Semi-Sextiles Venus at 28:34 Scorpio.

Our desires to merge are working productively with our big picture ideas. We can express these desires, but they may be set to change next week as Mercury Stations Rx.

At 1:34am Pluto at 17:47 Capricorn Quincunx the North Node at 17:47 Leo.

This aspect has been in play for the last week. Maybe you can identify the energy that has been on-going. Essentially our, or someone else’s, use our power needs to be adjusted to suit a Soulful perspective of fun, romance, creativity and children. Will ‘Dad’/dominant parent (Capricorn) underwrite (Pluto) your plans for romance, run or children? Or will they back your artistic endeavor? You will need to adjust your plans with their sense of authority. Casual sex or intimacy can certainly be involved here.

At 3:26am Mars at 24:20 Libra Quincunx Chiron Rx at 24:20 Pisces.

On Dec 5 Chiron will Station Direct so he is slowing down now to grind in some message for us all on this degree. See where it falls in your chart. Mars in Libra is in his detriment having to be diplomatic rather than courageous and aggressive. This adjustment to the collective subconscious and our Souls will make it easier for him to pursue the ‘relating’ that isn’t his normal calling. Adjust your motivations though to take in Chiron’s message. Relating-ships are mirrors of ourselves and Mars rules the self. Chiron may be reminding us that while we are eager to converse with someone, we are still playing in energies that call for self-love, too.

This entire last week we have Jupiter applying to Trine Neptune which will exact on Saturday evening at 11:30 Scorpio/Pisces respectively. This is a ‘big easy’ around intimacy and the hidden side of life where things are dissolving. Neptune in Pisces is bringing emphasis to the hidden/unseen side of our reality. Jupiter is asking for transparency in our intimate dealings or legal issues if we are not responding appropriately. But this Trine is going to help things progress more easily than they have been. Not in time for Matt Lauer, but may in time for others to lose their fear.


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