Inferior Conjunction in 5D – Dec 11/12

From Monday to Wednesday, the Sun (clarity, real time, purpose) is Conjunct Mercury Retrograde (revised communication, ideas and expressions). This is called their Inferior Conjunction and is the seeding of a new 165-day cycle of ‘plans.’

At 5:16pm (EST) on Monday night Venus at 13:16 Sagittarius Semi-Sextiles Jupiter at 13:16 Scorpio.

A minor, but productive aspect between our spiritual desires or vacation desires to our higher consciousness intimacy. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and so he rules Venus, Sun and Mercury right now. There is a LOT of energy in our higher consciousness realms right now as we seek to get a handle on our new spiritual philosophy (Jupiter/Sagittarius). The Heartbreak Squares of Saturn and Chiron occurred with Saturn in Sagittarius and their Squares created a ‘Crisis of Faith’. Separating from the Squares, Saturn has us refining and defining our NEW spiritual philosophy that allows us to account for the Heartbreak and integrate it.

Venus rules our values so as she is Transiting the Sign of Sagittarius, we are getting in touch with new spiritual values. There could also we a woman who shows you something about your new spiritual philosophy.

Jupiter in Scorpio is bringing spiritual, big picture thinking to our intimate dealings. There is much integrity being brought to bear here. And all of this is reinforcing the Inferior Conjunction of the Sun and Mercury.

At 8:49pm on Tuesday the Sun at 21:14 Sagittarius Conjuncts Mercury Rx at 21:14 Sagittarius.

This is one of roughly 6 days each year where our conscious thoughts and ideas are in sync with real time. The other days of the year, Mercury is either behind or ahead of the Sun creating the challenges of the 3D mind which twists itself around in an unstable way. With Mercury Retrograde, we are going to see some revision to what was said or thought when Mercury first crossed 21+ Sagittarius on Nov 21st.

Mercury is now carrying some expression of our new spiritual philosophy and the Sun will be bringing some clarity allowing us to set goals to achieve it. Its interesting that as the Heartbreak Squares have been separating the many people seeking new spiritual practices and leaving old-school religion behind. The Inferior Conjunction is a great time to see new goals to pursue our new spiritual path. Pay attention to what you hear or say on Monday through Wednesday and especially near the exact Conjunction, as it will express some truth that Mercury is rarely capable of the rest of the time. He isn’t called the ‘Trickster’ for no good reason.

In 5D Mercury’s role is to be a ‘lens’ to the physical world, but not to determine any of the mental constructs that dictate it. For our mental abilities in 5D we rely on our Higher Mind Planets: Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune, as well as Chiron, the umbilical cord to our Souls. Still, Mercury aspects are when we can VOICE what our Higher Minds are showing us! Just be sure your Higher Mind Planets are calling the shots;)

Jupiter is the big picture. It is where we can SEE how the duality of Karma is 2 sides of the same coin.

Uranus is god-like revelation, out-of-the-box thinking, inventiveness, change and awareness.

Neptune is the godhead mind where we are all connected through the subconscious. Neptune is the repository of all human experience. It holds our Karmic fears until we release them and only compassion, non-judgment is available.

Chiron is our Soul memory tether. In 3D it creates a very deep pain to pull us back into Soul Awareness. In 5D, it doesn’t have to hurt, though we will recognize its signature.


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