Sex, Money & Spiritual Philosophy – Dec 14/15

On Thursday morning we have some Soulful review of our desires that goes down easy. By evening there is some slight irritation around intimate words.

At 8:31am (EST) on Thursday Venus at 16:35 Sagittarius Trines the North Node at 16:35 Leo.

Venus is aligning our desires with our new spiritual philosophy. It may actually be a woman who is assisting you in finding your new spiritual path. The Trine to the North Node brings in a Soul perspective around fun and romance and helps us put this in perspective to our new philosophy. At the Soul-Level we do not need to take this human experience so seriously, perhaps that is part of this aspect.

At 8:06pm Mercury Rx at 18:34 Sagittarius Semi-Squares Mars at 3:34 Scorpio.

A minor aspect of irritation between your plans and someone’s motivation to merge. No biggie… You will do your own thing anyway;)

At 2:16am on Friday Mercury Rx at 18:14 Sagittarius Semi-Sextiles Pluto at 18:14 Capricorn.

And the winner in the intimacy dept goes to Pluto. He has the right words that helps you both to get along. The Pluto person may appeal to your spiritual philosophy as a meeting of the minds way to get closer.

At 9:08am Mercury Rx at 17:52 Sagittarius Conjuncts Venus at 17:52 Sagittarius.

Now your words and plans will express your desires easily and you will enjoy some higher-minded conversation.

At 4:23pm on Friday, Venus at 18:15 Sagittarius Semi-Sextiles Pluto at 18:15 Capricorn.

This completes a 3-way aspect between Mercury, Venus and Pluto. Your sense of power and sharing of yourself and resources will be aligned to your new spiritual philosophy on Friday. There is a productive mix of your own resources with someone else’s as you see how to apply some resources to your new philosophy.

Basically, how does money and sex fit into your new spiritual philosophy? That will be revealed through these aspects.

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