Magical Morphing of Reality – Dec 16

Saturday night we have 2 helpful aspects.

At 9:09pm Mercury Rx at 16:09 Sagittarius Trines the North Node at 16:09 Leo.

Some romantic expressions that can take us from 3D into 5D Soul perspective, if we let it. Mercury is still Retrograde until Dec 22nd, so he is in a good position to offer an apology if one could be helpful. The North Node and Sagittarius can help us get a fresh perspective on any role we might have played in some of the recent pain from various aspects.

At 10:11pm Saturn at 29:38 Sagittarius Quintiles Neptune at 11:38 Pisces.

This is a very unique kind of aspect, since its a magical/5D aspect, between the 2 Karmic/3D Planets. How will Saturn and Neptune operate magically rather than Karmically? Well, its a window of opportunity that has been in orb for the last week or so and will be as Saturn ingresses Capricorn at 11:50pm on Dec 19th. Can we dissolve (Neptune) some of our Karmic (Saturn) fears (Saturn/Neptune)? Can we release old angsts and allow something magical to occur? Saturn initiates structures and Neptune creates a shroud of mystery where we could find those structures to be just exactly what we might have wanted. Or at least something we are delighted with.

It really depends on how this aspect hits your Natal Chart. The Sun just Squared Chiron last night and Trined Uranus Saturday morning. So we are in some big energies of clarity. But can we move with the magic of what this one-time pass of Saturn and Neptune offer at this time? Can you hold the envelope for a magical change to your physical reality? You will need to let go of all the old stuff to allow the morphing of our reality that is a 5D expression of these 2 Planets.

Just after midnight, at 12:22am on Sunday morning, Venus at 19:59 Sagittarius Semi-Squares Mars at 4:55 Scorpio.

There is some irritation between our desires and our motivations and passionate pursuit. Our philosophy and our intimacy. Don’t let it get in the way of the bigger morphing energy above;)

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