4-Ways to View Our Power, Intimacy & Romance – Dec 22

On Friday we have 2 aspects. One has already exacted as I write this post. But its a great opportunity to look back and see if you recognize the energy. Both aspects are part of a unfolding 4-way aspect involving Sun, Saturn, Jupiter and the North Node.

At 2:35am (EST) the Sun at 0:38 Capricorn Ses-Squared the North Node at 15:38 Leo.

This was Soulful (North Node) clarity (Sun) around our sense of personal power (Capricorn) and our romantic, creative or entertainment options (Leo). Were you considering new goals for your career, but making an adjustment to your fun? That would be part of this aspect. Did you see something more realistically, or conservatively, about a romantic partner?

At 9:54am Jupiter at 15:17 Scorpio Semi-Squares Saturn at 0:17 Capricorn.

This aspect has the 2 Interpersonal Planets in aspect so it is involving you and at least one other. Jupiter in Scorpio has brought forward more of the intimacy legal issues of the Sexual Harassment cases. Jupiter wants to open the issue up to ‘blow it up’. In other words, once seen, doesn’t everyone have some story that correlates to one of the stories the media is incessantly talking about? Saturn’s part here is to hold us accountable to the way we use our power. For each of us personally, we are seeing how we use power to relate sexually to others.

There are no aspects between the Transiting Planets made on Saturday, Dec 23rd. But the 4-way aspect that began on Thursday with the Sun Conjunct Saturn and then Semi-Square Jupiter will continue until through to Dec 26. On the afternoon of Dec 24, Jupiter will Square the Nodes of Fate. On Dec 26 Saturn will Ses-Square the Nodes of Fate making the same aspect the Sun did early on Friday morning (Dec 22). On Christmas Day (Dec 25), Venus will move through the same aspects as the Sun and Saturn in this 4-way, actually making it a 5-way view of things.

We are looking at our own power and career goals with an adjustment to our romance, creativity and entertainment with some irritation from our intimate partners or our use of other peoples’ money.


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