Jupiter & Saturn Aspect the North Node – Dec 24-26

On Sunday and Monday we have 6 aspects with Venus making 4 of them back-to-back.

At 7:05am on Sunday Mars at 9:29 Scorpio Ses-Squares Chiron at 24:29 Pisces.

Mars in Scorpio is a passion or drive for merging resources and bodies. Chiron has not completely cleared the energies of the Heartbreak Squares and can still hurt a bit. The adjustment in the way we pursue our merging will create some ease around the pain of shame, guilt, emotional manipulation or avoidance.

At 3:25pm Jupiter at 15:42 Scorpio Squares the North Node at 15:42 Leo.

Jupiter has been applying to this aspect for the last 4 days or so. On Sunday it exacts and we should be able to see some issue of intimacy and use of other peoples’ money in a more Soulful light. The North Node in Leo offers humor to the intensity of sexual angst, if there is any. Or the angst of using someone else’s money. Jupiter could be a senior, a foreigner, a pastor/guru or someone with a lot of money. You must weigh whether to share yourself with them, use their money or whether it will all just be for fun.

At 7:57pm Venus at 29:46 Sagittarius Quintiles Neptune at 11:46 Pisces.

This is magical desires that can manifest. There is no fear in this aspect and only effortless ease in our touch. It could also be some way in which you will use your own resources to ease someone’s suffering and the result is magical.

At 12:30am on Monday Venus Ingress Capricorn.

Now our adventurous girl (Venus in Sagittarius) turns materialistic desiring luxury items to enhance her social status. We will use our own resources to initiate new structures in the area of our lives where we have early Capricorn by House placement. Venus will begin making the same aspects to Saturn, Jupiter and the North Node that the Sun has recently made.

At 12:55pm Venus at 0:40 Capricorn Conjuncts Saturn at 0:40 Capricorn.

Saturn is still within orb of a Quintile to Neptune so the addition to Venus in magical aspect to the 2 Karmic Planets is one of healing.

At 1:56pm Venus at 0:42 Capricorn Ses-Squares the North Node at 15:42 Leo.

Our desires get Soulful here as we consider romance, creativity and fun as assisting our social status.

At 1:56pm Venus at 0:53 Capricorn Semi-Squares Jupiter at 15:53 Leo.

Though an irritating Semi-Square, the fact it is the 2 Healing Planets nullifies the downside. We are looking at using our own money to initiate new structures while seeing the benefit of lending or borrowing money to moves things along faster.

The final aspect of the 4-Way View of our Power, Intimacy & Romance afforded by Sun, Saturn, Jupiter and the North Node (and on Dec 24 Venus shows us our Desires) occurs just after midnight on Dec 26th.

At 12:34am Saturn at 0:43 Capricorn Ses-Squares the North Node at 15:43 Leo.

Saturn is just starting to show us the first glimpse of what lies ahead over the next 3 year Transit of the Sign he rules, Capricorn. Each aspect made to Saturn gives us more resolution to the blueprint of what we will be building. In this aspect to the North Node in Leo, there is an adjustment that results in an ease. Our social status and new structures need to be adjusted to our Soulful sense of fun, romance, art and children. Sure we need new public structures, but shouldn’t they be appealing aesthetically? Should what we build look like cold power and authority or should it have a more renaissance look to enhance the fact it is all new and creative?

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