Easy Passionate Motivations – Dec 28

Just after midnight (EST) on Thursday Mars exacts a Trine to Neptune and we have a great ease between our passionate motivations and the collective subconscious.

At 12:59am on Thursday Mars at 11:49 Scorpio Trines the North Node at 11:49 Pisces.

If you wait to return gifts on Wednesday, as Mars is applying, it is likely to go smoothly. Or if you are looking for some investment or sexual intimacy, this will go through easily. Your actions will create an ease between you and others. If you have other issues or woundings around intimacy, this aspect should ease them as you can take the Trine from 3D to 5D energies. A man could put the moves on you and you won’t be able to resist, or want to. Or you could make the moves and find your actions are well-received.

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