Magical New Year – Dec 30 – Jan 1

From Saturday night to Monday night we have 2 double-magic aspects to ring in the New Year. With one of them being Venus, we will have some effortless desires. We start the festivities off on Saturday with some productive expressions, but the next 2 days are dominated by MAGIC!

At 10:09am (EST) on Saturday Mercury at 16:42 Sagittarius Semi-Sextiles Jupiter at 16:42 Scorpio.

This is a minor aspect of communication between someone you share resources with or who you share yourself with. This aspect has already happened. For me it was a phone call and then text from my property management lady (Jupiter and Mercury in my 6th House of living situations) informing me of some repairs occurring this morning. Can you identify the aspect as it occurred for you?

At 6:01pm on Saturday night the Sun at 9:27 Capricorn Biquintiles the North Node at 15:27 Leo.

Not the main event, but the prelude to it. The Sun will bring clarity and the North Node will deliver some effortless (magical Biquintile) fun and romance. It is likely not action oriented yet, but this is the SEEING of our romantic feelings, creativity and activities with children.

NOTE: The North Node has just made a Biquintile to my Natal Moon over Christmas. The Moon represents my family and the North Node is Transiting my 3rd House of Siblings. With the Biquintile, my family was finally effortlessly reunited for a joint Christmas. All the past was put behind as if it never happened… that is the magic of 5D.

Use the clarity you have on Saturday to see how your MAGICAL DESIRES could be acted on by Monday morning. Not quite the stroke of midnight here, but it is somewhere!

At 9:56am on Monday morning Venus at 9:18 Capricorn Biquintiles the North Node at 15:18 Capricorn.

NOW we can see some Cinderella type situations as we prepare for the New Year’s Eve parties and Balls. You will be putting your best foot forward and someone is likely to grab your hand to swirl you around on the dance floor. You will swoon at how easy it all falls into place! Don’t try to grab onto the situation too tightly. Let it all just play out before you as your Merlin Mind activates the situations you desire to see.

Now if you have other hard/Karmic aspects going on in your chart it may be harder to see this manifest so effortlessly. But step outside of your fear and see how it is happening in SOME area of your life. Look to where you have 9+ Capricorn and 15+ Leo in your chart. The House placement of these 2 degrees determines WHO the players will be.

For example, 9+ degrees of Capricorn is in my 8th House so it could be an intimate partner or financial backer. Which is interesting as I received a call a few days ago that the group of people I drove home from the Ball last year wanted to buy me a ticket to be their Designated Driver again this year… 8th House! And 15+ Leo is in my 3rd House of DRIVING and cars!! I hope there is also another story for this night!! But the storyline is already building so watch to see how some mice might magically appear to bring you the right ensemble and carriage for your ride to the Ball!

Things that seemed stuck and inert or worse are suddenly a non-issue! The magic turns the issues on their head and you are suddenly in the space of weightlessness that is effortless magic (5D).

At 3:51pm on Monday Mercury at 18:49 Sagittarius Semi-Sextiles Pluto at 18:49 Capricorn.

If you lost your shoe last night as the magic was winding down, this may be the phone call that your handsome prince has it for you. A minor, but productive, expression between players who could be tied to the New Year’s party or not. It all depends on the House placements in your chart.

At 9:23pm on Monday the Moon at 11:37 Cancer Opposes the Sun at 11:37 Capricorn creating the Full Moon in Cancer.

The Moon is in the Sign it rules and operating with nurturing, though initiating, emotion. A Full Moon is an emotional peak that shows you how you feel about what was started at the New Moon. But the last New Moon was in Sagittarius and this Full Moon may be actually shutting down something across the home and career areas of your life (Cancer/Capricorn) in order for there to be a ‘fresh start’ in that area at the New Moon on Jan 16. It really all depends on the House placements in your chart.

New and Full Moons are not the big events that Wiccans would have you believe;) But this one is one Astrological month from the 1st Eclipse of the upcoming Eclipse cycle. So the ending that is up ahead on the Jan 30th Lunar Eclipse could be building at this time.

Over the next few days I will be pulling together a Report for your Major Aspects in 2018. This will include the Eclipses and much more. These Reports point out the House placements of the major events so you can begin to see more of the picture of what is occurring in your life and the people involved, which is shown by House placement.

Jan 2nd is my ‘favorite day of the year’ as Uranus Stations Direct. More soon!!


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