Mars, Jupiter & Saturn in a 3-Way – Jan 5-6

Friday brings us some accountability to our intimate and financial dealings as well as clarity on our sense of fun, romance and creativity and our personal use of power.

At 4:19am (EST) on Friday Mars at 16:54 Scorpio Semi-Squares Saturn at 1:54 Capricorn.
Mars is over halfway through Scorpio now and we have been motivated for sexual and financial merging/sharing. Mars will exact his Conjunction to Jupiter on Saturday so he is already in orb. Which is an interesting 3-way of energies: Mars is our ‘go’ energy, Saturn is our ‘stop and restriction’ energy and Jupiter is our ‘expansion’ energy.
Saturn is the Opposite energy of both Mars and Jupiter. And both Mars and Jupiter have been in a Semi-Square to Saturn over the last few days (Mars) and last month (Jupiter). Jupiter Semi-Squared Saturn on Dec 22 at 15:17 Scorpio and 0:17 Capricorn respectively.
Now Mars is making the same aspect to Saturn as he applies to Conjunct Jupiter. With BOTH Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio we are motivated (Mars) to expand (Jupiter) our sexual relations and our shared resources (Scorpio).
But you may have noticed since Dec 16 when Saturn ingressed Capricorn that things have gotten more grounded, serious and restricted in some sense. On Thursday night/Friday morning, Mars will get the reality check that Jupiter did when he Semi-Squared Saturn. Are we being accountable (Saturn) to the way we use our own power (Capricorn) as we pursue (Mars) and expand (Jupiter) our sharing of our bodies and resources (Scorpio)? Are we being transparent in our dealings? Are we response-able to our intimate and financial partners/backers? The Semi-Square suggests that we need to work on this a bit more.

At 10:01am the Sun at 15:13 Capricorn Quincunx the True North Node at 15:13 Leo.
We are getting clear here on how to adjust our use of personal power as we are engaging in romantic and creative ventures. There is some adjustment we need to make regarding children, casual sex and romance to our social status and public goals. With the North Node in Leo we are unlikely to be too frivolous with our romantic ventures if it will impact our social status in anyway. Make the adjustment as Saturn is going to be holding us to high standards in this regard for the next 3 years.

At 3:06am on Saturday Venus at 15:15 Capricorn Quincunx the North Node at 15:15 Leo.
Another adjustment to our fun and romance is called for as it is viewed in the light of our desires and values (Venus) for public status and authority. If you desire to keep your career and social status (Capricorn) in tact, you will apply a Soulful (North Node) perspective to your idea of what is ‘fun.’ Your fun can not be at the sake of someone else’s reputation either.

On Saturday Mercury will Trine Uranus and Square Chiron. Some new pathways will open, but there could be some painful words expressed as we try to move out of the Heartbreak of last year. And Mars will Conjunct Jupiter bringing us a global view of our pursuit of intimacy.

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