On Saturday the 3-way with Mars, Jupiter and Saturn completes with Mars Conjunct Jupiter. Sandwiching this aspect we have Mercury in aspect to Soul (Chiron) Awareness (Uranus).

At 6:39pm (EST) Mercury at 24:35 Sagittarius Trines Uranus at 24:35 Aries.

This is Mercury’s 3rd Trine to Uranus during his Retrograde cycle. The 1st 2 aspects occurred on Nov 25 at 25:10 degrees with Uranus Rx and Dec 10 at 24:48 degrees with both Planets Rx. Now both Planets are Direct and in this finalizing mode. Which means this will be very powerful revelation for moving forward.

Uranus was last at 24:35 on Apr 16th and Stationed Rx at 24:34 on Tuesday. He is bringing up some point from last Apr for new insight and revelation. Can you find the connection?

Mercury is in Sagittarius bringing in Jupiter energy expanding the revelation/awareness and giving us the ability to see the big picture and to apply the revelation to our new spiritual philosophy. There may be some traveling, some seniors or foreigners involved.

We will express some revelations that are likely to be about taking new actions to LIVE.

At 7:39pm Mars at 17:55 Scorpio Conjuncts Jupiter at 17:55 Scorpio.

Here we have the final act of the 3-way from Mars and Jupiter in Semi-Square to Saturn. Both Mars and Jupiter are separating from the aspect to Saturn so they have that accountability under their belts. How will you pursue the sharing of resources and intimacy with someone? There is certain to be a man (or male energy) involved. Passion, and lots of it, or understanding a new perspective of passion and merging.

At 11:06pm Mercury at 24:48 Sagittarius Squares Chiron at 24:48 Pisces.

Chiron and Uranus are in a Semi-Sextile right now and have exacted this a few times. Their Semi-Sextile still in orb has been giving us some Soul Awareness to move out of the Heartbreak of the Saturn/Chiron Squares. Aries is birthing energy that Uranus is Transiting. Pisces is ending and dissolving energy where Chiron is Transiting. There is a dichotomy here that can only be resolved with Soul Awareness. The pain of Chiron in Pisces can only be managed by acting in our physical form to find something joyful to cause us to want to ‘live’ again. And in Soul Awareness, which is 5D, the pain doesn’t really hurt so much. We can feel it, because it IS energy, but we get the purpose behind it. Mercury is going to bring us some expressions today that show our new ACTIONS and our old PAIN. But remember to pursue the action and the new path to living and freedom that Uranus in Aries is all about.

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