All About the Base – Jan 11

At 12:09am (EST) on Thursday Mercury Ingresses Capricorn.

Once Transiting in Capricorn Mercury will become the 3rd Personal Planet there for the next week. Mercury will remain in Capricorn until a few minutes after the Lunar Eclipse on Jan 31. From Thursday until Jan 31st Mercury will begin bringing us communications and contracts around the energies of the last few days with the 5-way aspect and Soul Awareness of Uranus and Chiron aspects. With our conscious mind in Capricorn we will begin to see developments around our career, social status, public reputation and authority manifest in new foundations, as an Earthly Base to begin building on. So far the Sun has brought us clarity and Venus has shown us our desires and what we value as well as ways to use our own money. But Mercury will bring some results.

At 2:54am Mercury at 0:09 Capricorn Quintiles Neptune at 12:09 Pisces.

Saturn, Sun and Venus have recently made this aspect to Neptune (Dec 16, 21 and 24 respectively) but all of these Quintiles occurred at 29+ degrees of Sagittarius to Neptune at 11+ degrees Pisces. Mercury will make this magical aspect involving Capricorn energy. Saturn rules Capricorn so it is a 5D aspect involving both Karmic Planets. Saturn and Neptune in a 5D aspect are surreal and magical morphing of reality. They will exact a 2nd Quintile on Jul 20 with Saturn at 4:14 Capricorn and Neptune at 16:14 Pisces. The next few months will provide an interesting take on how these 2 Planets respond while in 5D orb.

On Wednesday evening, before Ingressing Capricorn, Mercury will cross over the exact degrees and minutes of Saturn’s, Sun’s and Venus’ Quintiles. Perhaps you will see or hear something magical as Mercury applies to exact his Quintile to Neptune.

At 4:14am Mercury at 0:14 Capricorn Ses-Squares the North Node at 15:14 Leo.

While there is magic afoot with the Quintile to Neptune, Mercury still must make a Soulful adjustment to his use of authority and his sense of fun and romance in order for an ease to continue. Quintiles are effortless, but a Ses-Square demands some adjustment.

We are getting very close to the Eclipse wormhole which will bring us through ‘Rapid Change’. On the New Moon of Jan 16, we will enter the 6-week Eclipse wormhole. For now collect the breadcrumbs of information Mercury will be bringing to us for the next 3 weeks.




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