Jupiter Sextile Pluto – Jan 15

At 11:13pm (EST) on Monday night Jupiter at 19:18 Scorpio Sextiles Pluto at 19:18 Capricorn.

As I mentioned a bit yesterday, this aspect is going to highlight something around the sexual harassment issues in the media and between our own intimate relationships. Jupiter ensures this issue involves someone else and yours or their use of power.

Since late 2008, Pluto has been Squaring the Natal Neptune in Libra of the Baby-Boomers. He has been destroying their ideal reality of ‘everyone should marry once for life.’ And from Capricorn he has also been Squaring the Natal Pluto of those between the ages of 42-32 or so. This age group goes through mini-deaths and transformations in relationships and this is a mid-life Transit for them.

Right now Pluto is nearing his Conjunction to the ‘Era of the Transformers’ Natal Uranus/Neptune in Capricorn bringing them ‘Vast, Transformational Change’ and awakening their shared ideal reality of a ‘perfect, global government’. Some might call this socialism, but it is a natural ideal for this age group.

Pluto has very few aspects this year from the Outer Planets so we need to make use of this Sextile to Jupiter to see what he is up to. He is certainly shaking up the lives of many age groups at the same time and we need to understand it.

Jupiter will Sextile Pluto again on Apr 14 at 21:16 and Sep 12 at 18:51 of their respective Signs. Something significant is happening that we need to see. How is Jupiter bringing us a new spiritual philosophy around our intimacy and shared resources? And how is this tying into his generational aspects at the same time?

Aside from this aspect from Jupiter, Pluto will Quintile Chiron in late Jun and Sep while Chiron is in Aries for his short stay before returning to Pisces to wrap up those subconscious issues. These Quintiles will be a very helpful thing as Chiron in Aries is likely to bring out many insecurities around the color of our skin, the way we look and the way we each assert ourselves.

For now, this Sextile is very helpful and big news at this time. We certainly need to get OVER all this sexual harassment stuff and move on to seeing our intimacy issues from a bigger perspective.


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