New Moon into Eclipse Wormhole – Jan 16

At 9:17pm (EST) on Tuesday the Moon at 26:54 Capricorn Conjuncts the Sun at 26:54 Capricorn creating the New Moon.

A New Moon is an monthly ‘fresh start’ in the area of your life (as shown by House in your Natal Chart) where it occurs. In Capricorn, the New Moon has us setting new goals regarding career, public reputation, social status, authority and any public structures we need to build in our lives to better support ourselves.

With the Stellium of Planets and Planetary Bodies in Capricorn, we are heavily focused on this area of our lives. Saturn is holding us accountable, Pluto is challenging the way we or others use our power and the 4 Personal Planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus) are aligning personal areas of our lives with Saturn’s/Capricorn’s accountability.

Black Moon Lillith is also in Capricorn giving us some 5D perspective of how to do Capricorn things for the next 5 months longer. It is like we have a chance to better see new ways of structuring our careers and our climb up the mountain of success.

But this New Moon also opens up the Wormhole of ‘Rapid Change’ the Eclipse cycle is bringing our way. The subsequent Full Moon to this New Moon is actually a Lunar Eclipse at 11:37 Leo. The next 2 weeks will be preparation for the emotional reset that all Lunar Eclipses provide. A Full Moon will show us how we feel about the energies of the axis, but a Lunar Eclipse will actually allow us to leave some old situation behind and move on at the Solar Eclipse.

The next 6 weeks takes us through the ‘Rapid Change’ where people will be playing musical chairs as they give their 2 week notices at work, 30-days notice to move or send a ‘Dear John’ text and set off on a new path at the Solar Eclipse.

Watch for what you are letting go of at the Lunar Eclipse. The breadcrumbs will be collected over the next 2 weeks.

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