Saturn Cycles of Karma & Accountability – Jan 23

There is one aspect on Tuesday night, but it plays into a much larger cycle of time that is helpful to pay attention to. Many of us are starting to FEEL Saturn in action as he is newly in Capricorn for a 3 year stay.

The aspect on Tuesday night is the Sun and Saturn in a Semi-Sextile. Venus just made this aspect to Saturn on Saturday night. As Venus and the Sun are in Aquarius, I have had an increase in Astrology Readings and Reports as we try to figure out what Saturn is doing here.

As the way I write about ‘Astrology’ is very specific:1) to help each of us KNOW the Universe is all in perfect order and we are right where we each need to be regardless of how dark and scary that might be and 2) to help each of us be freed from 3D and 4D limiting thoughts.

The younger age groups do NOT do that well with the concept of ‘Linear Time’ and their minds are more flexible and ‘trippy’ as Neptune and Uranus in their charts can be. Following the Planetary cycles from a Conjunction of 2 Planets until they Conjunct again, is a very helpful way for us to THINK our way out of Linear Time.

So below here I am offering visuals and descriptions of the aspects of Saturn’s Cycles with the Sun, Mercury and Venus right now. You will get Mar’s cycle shortly before Apr 2 when he Conjuncts Saturn. These files will be emailed to you upon payment.

The timing of these Reports IS part of Saturday night’s and Tuesday night’s aspects.

At 8:31pm on Tuesday the Sun at 4:00 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Saturn at 4:00 Capricorn.

Clarity and awareness around the changes Saturn is bringing to us and maybe some ideas of how to deal with it.

Saturn in Capricorn and Personal Planet (Sun, Mercury, Venus & Mars) Cycles in 2018

Saturn rules time and is the Planet that tends to have us ‘growing old’. But in 5D we know there is no such thing as Linear Time because no Planet orbits in a straight line! Whether you are working on NOT aging, or working with Saturn’s Karmic sword, following these Cycles will help you find your way through it all.


Once you receive the Charts and aspect descriptions, if you would like something more personalized to YOUR chart specifically, simply let me know. A Reading or Report can be done for that.


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