Mars Ingresses Sagittarius – Jan 26

At 6:28am (EST) on Thursday Mercury at 20:31 Capricorn Sextiled Jupiter at 20:31 Scorpio.

This aspect is already exacted, but it should be easy to identify in hindsight. Mercury is thoughts, ideas and communication. Depending on the Houses where you have 20+ Scorpio and Capricorn is WHO you might have been thinking about or communicating with. Fresh from his Conjunction with Pluto, there could be a similar thread to all of this sexual (Scorpio/Pluto) harassment (Pluto in Capricorn’s misuse of authority) stuff in the news (Mercury) and with global players (Jupiter). Though it is very likely to be far less scandalous and more routine. Jupiter is holding us to a higher standard (legal standard in 3D) around intimacy and shared resource dealings.

At 5:27am Venus at 10:30 Aquarius Semi-Squares Chiron at 25:30 Pisces.

As Venus offers healing any irritation should still be helpful here. If you have found that your desires and values have changed in any way to be more open and accepting, there could be some old pain that reminds you of some fear of allowing this change in.

At 7:56am Mars Ingresses Sagittarius.

For the next 6 weeks we will be more motivated to pursue higher consciousness, our new spiritual philosophy or long distance travel among other things. There can be some restlessness if we can’t find some adventure when we need it. Legal and insurance issues could be a place where we have the energy to pursue actions.

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