Feel the Emotional Reset of the Lunar Eclipse – Jan 31

At 8:27am on Wednesday morning, the Moon at 11:37 Leo Opposes the Sun at 11:37 Aquarius creating the Lunar Eclipse. This Eclipse is ‘total’ from around the Ring of Fire in the Pacific Rim region. As the Moon is at its closest point to the Earth, its Perigee, it is a large and bright Moon dubbed a ‘Super Moon.’

The Moon in Leo is the ‘star of the show’ stealing all the attention from the Sun. The rules the Moon as it rules Leo, but the Sun positioned in Aquarius is blending in with the group-think of social networks and the like. As the Earth moves to block the Sun’s rays Eclipsing the Moon, we will suddenly SEE (Sun) how we FEEL (Moon) about the areas of our lives where we have 11:37 Leo/Aquarius.

While it will be a Super Moon by the current definition, the label of a ‘Blue Moon’ is a total 3D construct that ties Planetary orbits to the man-made construct of the Gregorian Calendar which is the ANTITHESIS of what is Planetary energies. A Blue Moon is a label for the 2nd Full Moon in a calendar month. Who cares, right? If our ‘calendar’ followed the real Planetary rhythms, it would begin with a New Moon, have a Full Moon midpoint and end and begin at the next New Moon. The days of the month have no place in true cosmological discourse.

But whatever can make the Moon more important and to put her in the spotlight, we are willing to do with a Lunar Eclipse Moon in Leo. Across the Leo/Aquarius axis we are looking at our feelings around our own creativity and entertainment, romantic situations and our children in contrast to the good of the group. Ego-attachment over self awareness. Can we have both? See who are the players for you during this Eclipse as shown by the Houses where you have 11:37 Leo and Aquarius.

But if you watch at almost exact the Eclipse time, you will FEEL the emotional reset that a Lunar Eclipse can bring. You can be suddenly freed from attachment to someone, something or some situation. Like flipping a switch, you will begin a new chapter in your life.

There are 2 really interesting placements at this Lunar Eclipse: 1) Psyche is Conjunct Jupiter and 2) Black Moon Lillith is Biquintile (5D/magical/effortless energy) to the North Node in Leo. Jupiter and Psyche have been doing some cleansing around the intimacy areas of life. And BML in magical aspect to the North Node is very helpful, creative ways to enhance our career plans.

On Feb 15 we have a New Moon Solar Eclipse at 27:08 Aquarius. The Lunar Eclipse will shut down something in your life that will get a super-charged ‘fresh start’ at the Solar Eclipse. If the Eclipses fall into 2 different Houses in your chart, the players may change from this Eclipse to the next. If you want to know more, please text me for a Reading 704-488-0204. Readings are by donation on my Store, simply select the ‘Qty’ in order to set your amount.

From the Lunar Eclipse to the Solar Eclipse all of the Outer Planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron) will be one degree forward of their position at the Lunar Eclipse. Mercury will move forward 25 degrees!

At 8:39am Mercury will Ingress Aquarius.

Just minutes after the Lunar Eclipse Mercury will change Signs. Our communication will move from concerns for authority and structure to awareness and change. This will assist us to express the emotional reset the Lunar Eclipse provides.


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