Clarity, Revelation & Subconscious Ease – Feb 1

On Thursday the Sun makes the first 2 aspects following the Eclipse to 2 of our Higher Mind Planets: Uranus and Neptune. It is a clarifying and revelatory day.

At 12:30pm (EST) on Thursday the Sun at 12:48 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Neptune at 12:48 Pisces.

This is their closing major aspect before they begin a new cycle on Mar 4 at 13:56 Pisces. Today we can expect some surprising subconscious clarity around what has been dissolving in our lives over the last year where we have 11-14 Pisces in our charts. It may have something to do with a group of people you belong to or social media. It can be about equality and fairness as well as philanthropy and emotional detachment.

At 4:17pm the Sun at 12:58 Aquarius Quintiles Uranus at 24:58 Aries.

Meeting both Neptune and Uranus on the same degree has these 3 Planets in a 3-way type of energy with the Sun being the connection between Uranus and Neptune. The Sun is ruled by Uranus while in Aquarius so there is plenty of revelation and inspiration today. Or we may simply SEE what we need to in a situation in order to find our inspiration and motivation. Our subconscious will not be tripping us up as we make changes that are essential to aligning with the out-of-the-box thinking of Uranus.

And so we are off with clarity around the ’emotional reset’ of the Lunar Eclipse and it is settling into our Higher Minds allowing us to prepare for the continued Rapid Change and Fresh Start of the Solar Eclipse on Feb 15 at 27:08 Aquarius.


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