Our Desires Change in the New Cycles – Feb 2

At 11:56am (EST) on Friday Mercury at 3:26 Aquarius Quintiles Jupiter at 21:26 Scorpio.

Expressing some new awareness or changes we need to make is effortless and aligns with our new intimate philosophy. With both Uranus, which rules Aquarius, and Jupiter energy involved, Mercury is elevated above his usual 3D view of things. The Quintile makes what is said or expressed 5D, or Soul Aware. How do your social networking plans support your intimate situations? Much of the Planetary energies right now are taking place in Public Houses (7-12 Houses) and keeping things personal is not so easy right now. So intimacy, honesty and the social network can really use this magical perspective.

At 4:36pm Venus at 19:53 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Pluto at 19:53 Capricorn.

Some productive, though changed desires, that support our public structures and career goals. It could be that a bit of philanthropic donation of resources leads to more investment from some financial backer as well. Or our success in social media could attract some support from someone. Money or desires and passion are productively merged here even if in unusual ways. And this is Venus’ first aspect to Pluto since their Conjunction on Jan 9 at 19:04 Capricorn. How is that situation evolving?

At 7:37pm Venus at 20:02 Aquarius Semi-Squares Saturn at 5:02 Capricorn.

Some irritation as we attempt to make changes to the status quo of our career, public reputation or relationship with some authority type. Or we may try to use our own power over a group with less than great results. A woman could challenge your authority or you may be the one challenging another. Minor, but annoying. This is Venus’ 2nd aspect since beginning a new cycle with Saturn at their Conjunction on Dec 25 at 0:40 Capricorn.





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