Hurting Words & Healing – Feb 7

As I write about the aspects on Wednesday Venus has yet to exact her Sextile to Uranus that occurs at 8:37pm (EST) on Tuesday. The revelation should be starting to come in very soon, changing some our desires a bit as we pursue our personal paths to freedom.

At 3:27am on Wednesday Mercury at 11:04 Aquarius Semi-Squares Chiron at 26:04 Pisces.

There may be a bit of pain here coming from the old Heartbreak energy of the last year. Mercury is on the degree of the Lunar Eclipse from Jan 31st so he is expressing something about what was eclipsed from your life at that time: old feelings, old situations and things are were able to emotionally detach from, almost completely. But the words or expressions near this time may bring some of it back. Chiron has to make the last pass to 27:18 degrees where the 2nd Heartbreak Square with Saturn occurred on Apr 30, 2017. Then we will clear that energy for good. Right now Chiron is still in orb of that 2nd Square and may be expressing some of that energy now.

At 3:28pm Venus at 26:05 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Chiron at 26:05 Pisces.

Now there is some healing available from Venus. Reach out and touch anyone you had some hurtful words with or from. Or simply love yourself a bit of love and remember your Soul to cope with any very deep human pain.

We are 8 days from the Solar Eclipse. Can you feel what is coming for your ‘Fresh Start’ (New Moon) Rapid Change (Eclipse)? It occurs on Feb 15 at 4:05pm at 27:07 Aquarius. Check your chart to see where it lands for you. Or email me at and I can tell you: Date of birth, time of birth (if known) and city.

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